Summer Wedding Dresses

Simply Strapless

Elegant dresses for a summer wedding demand appropriate fabrics and styles suitable for summer heat. White is always a great color for the bride's gown since it reflects the sun's warmth ensuring the bride remains comfortable.

Strapless designs are some of the most popular dress styles that convey femininity and coolness in summer's high temperatures. However, if strapless isn't your style there are equally attractive wedding dress designs to consider for your special day.

Summer Dresses Can Still Be Modest

Brides who want to stay cool in summer's heat but who want a modest dress design can opt for one with lace over the shoulders and upper arms. Lace patterns in leaves, flowers, and butterflies are especially popular for summer weddings, and matching lace may be used for the veil edging, train, or sash.

Dramatic Backs

Dramatic backs are popular on summer wedding dresses not only for their elegance, but also because they can help brides keep cool. A corset back with satin laces is a popular choice, or an open plunging back may be preferred by more daring brides. Other options include scoop backs or lace backs.

Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves add vintage romance to a summer wedding gown, particularly for a bride with bohemian or renaissance tastes. Lace or sheer sleeves are suitable for summer dresses without being too constricting or too warm.

Summer Fabrics

Brides planning outdoor summer weddings will want to choose cool, light fabrics for their wedding gowns. Lace, chiffon, and tulle are some of the most popular, and they can be layered in different patterns to give unique texture and structure to the dress.

Beach Dresses

Summer brides planning to wed on the beach often choose simple, chic gowns that blend well with the natural setting of their ceremony. A mermaid style skirt is particularly appropriate for a summer beach wedding because it evokes the elegant curves and ripples of the water while emphasizing the bride's grace and poise.

Textured Skirts

A textured skirt is a great feature for wedding gowns in any season. Summer gowns often have ripples, pleats, or layers that can help circulate breezes beneath the skirt to help the bride keep cool, and each notch of the texture may be accented with a flower bud or similar seasonal touch.

Southern Belle

Thick lace and a full, ruffled train are elegant features of a southern-inspired wedding gown for a summer bride who wants to be the belle of her ball. These are thick fabrics, however, so avoid skirts that will be too full and heavy and instead opt for the elegance of the design to speak for itself.

Off White Gowns

White dresses can look washed out in the bright summer sun, so many summer brides opt for off white gowns in champagne, ivory, or ecru colors. These colors still have the innocence and beauty of the bridal palette, but the gown's details will be more visible in outdoor wedding photos.

Hi Low Skirts

A daring summer bride might opt for a hi-low skirt design that shows off her fabulous legs and summer tan. This skirt is higher in the front, often as high as the calves or knees, while extending to the ground or into a train in the rear for a graceful summer silhouette.

Dramatic Necklines

Another way a summer bride can be daring is with a dramatic neckline. While a plunging neckline is not usually considered appropriate for a bride, lace front panels can give the illusion of drama in an elegant and romantic way. Keyhole necklines and off the shoulder dresses are also popular.

Grecian Dress

A lightweight gown in a Grecian design with an empire waist is a perfect choice for summer brides. The smooth, flowing fabric will be loose and comfortable, while the bodice is feminine and elegant. A bit of color around the waist and arms adds even more distinction to this type of dress.

High Necklines

A modest bride may opt for a high neckline for her summer wedding dress while avoiding sleeves to help keep cool. This can be a great way to have a modest gown for religious services without sacrificing comfort.

Tea Length Dresses

Tea length summer wedding dresses are popular because they are formal but still cool. These are especially suitable designs for beach weddings or any outdoor event, since the dress will not drag or snag on the ground as a longer formal gown might.

Accents for Summer Wedding Gowns

While your wedding dress will set the tone for your event, don't forget the appropriate accessories. Many summer brides carry a parasol for sweet romance and as a practical sunshade. Other accessories to consider include wedding shoes suitable for your venue, a veil that won't be smothering, and the right jewelry to make your whole look stand out.

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Summer Wedding Dresses