Summer Wedding Colors

summer bouquet
Carry a bouquet with beautiful summer colors.

Summer colors for a wedding are easy to choose. Flowers, foods, naturescapes, and summer activities offer inspiration from the season's brilliant spectrum of colors.

Seven Summer Wedding Color Inspirations

There are hundreds of unique color combinations you can choose from for your summer wedding. Use these color ideas for inspiration:


Even if your wedding isn't near the water, get inspired from this summer staple with color combos like:

  • Turquoise and white
  • Blue and white
  • Yellow and blue
  • Various shades of blue
Beach-side wedding

Summer Citrus

The taste of fresh lemonade also evokes thoughts summertime. Use this to inspire bold, citrus colors for your wedding, including combinations like:

  • Various shades of yellow
  • Hot pink and lime green
  • Bright orange and red

Summer Sunset

Little can be as beautiful as a sunset in summer, especially against a lovely natural backdrop such as a beach. Summer colors stemming from sunsets include:

  • Yellow, orange and red
  • Pink and orange
  • Dusky grays and sky blues
  • Sandy colors paired with pinks and oranges

Go Green

Summer abounds with green plant life, from floral foliage to growing gardens. There are many green colors appropriate for summer. Consider:

  • Various green hues
  • Green paired with bright colors like pink, yellow or purple
  • Pale green paired with pretty lavender, pink or white
  • Tropical deep greens, evoking a rich rainforest
Summer green and foliage

Pretty Pastels

While pastel colors like baby pink, pale blue, and lavender are most popular for spring weddings, they are also perfectly acceptable for summer ceremonies. Consider the following:

  • Shades of pale yellow and white
  • Lavender and pale blue
  • Rose and cream
  • Sage and lilac
  • Pale coral and mocha
  • Peach and pink

Rainbow Colors

Summer lends itself well to using assorted colors, especially when they are bright. You may want to consider a rainbow color scheme that incorporates a variety of colors, such as:

  • Bright pink, yellow, orange and green
  • Aqua, lime, and yellow
  • Purple, yellow, blue and green
  • Red, pink and orange
  • Purple, pink and yellow

Natural Neutrals

Neutral colors look fresh and beautiful for summer. You may consider:

  • White and silver
  • Shades of cream and white
  • Khaki or sand and white
  • Beige and sand

More Color Ideas

Favorite combinations that will look beautiful at any summer wedding include:

  • Green combined with
    • Purple
    • Coral
    • Orange
  • Brown with blue
  • Bright pink with orange
  • Deep orange with cranberry red
  • Royal blue with bright yellow
  • Turquoise blue with beige
  • Navy blue with silver

Other aspects to consider when selecting your wedding color scheme is the time of day your wedding will be and if you will be inside or outdoors. If you are having an outside wedding, consider the surroundings and find colors that will complement what is around you. For example, a wedding at a botanical garden will look best with a color palette in the same colors as the flowers in the garden.

Using a Color Wheel

A color wheel can be very helpful when you are choosing a color scheme for your summer wedding. A handy tool is the Color Scheme Designer. Simply click on a color and select if you want monochromatic, contrast, triad, tetrad or analogic. You will then be able to see the colors that will go best with your original selection.

beautiful decorated table
Summer table decorations

Color Families

These terms will help you choose a summer color scheme:

  • Monochromatic: A monochromatic color scheme is an assortment of shades of the same color. For example, if you choose purple as you color you might also use lavender, grape purple, violet purple, etc. Monochromatic colors will be next to each other on the color wheel.
  • Contrast: Colors that contrast are found at opposite sides of the color wheel. If you use purple as you example again, its contrasting color would be yellow. Another way to use contrast is to choose your secondary colors from each side of that color on the wheel. So if yellow is your secondary color, you would choose a shade darker and a shade lighter than the true yellow. These still contrast with purple and will look beautiful together.
  • Triad: Triad colors are equidistant on the color wheel, meaning they form a triangle. If you have decided to use purple and yellow, you would add fuchsia as your third color. Remember, one color will be your primary color. The others will be used as accent colors.
  • Tetrad: This scheme will consist of four colors that are equally spaced on the color wheel. An example would be purple, red, yellow and green. In a wedding bouquet your biggest, main flowers would be purple with smaller, accent flowers in red and yellow. Green would be in the foliage added to your bouquet. This would make a stunning arrangement.
  • Analogic: These are three colors that are side-by-side on the wheel; pale yellow, sun yellow and goldenrod, for example. Then, as an accent you will add one contrasting color - purple in this example.

Using the colors in your color palette will give your wedding a polished look. Keep in mind, if you select a dominant color that looks great on you and build from that, you will be assured that your wedding will make you glow. After all, everything around you will complement your own skin tone.

Choosing Your Colors

With so many different summer color palettes to choose from, finding the right types of summer wedding colors can be difficult. This is why experimenting with different color combinations until you find the right selection of colors is a good idea. No matter what theme you are going for at your summer wedding, you can rest assured that picking a bright palette of summer colors will bring your entire wedding together and make your day even more memorable.

Summer Wedding Colors