Ideas for Square Wedding Cakes

Square cakes

If you want something a little out of the ordinary for your wedding cake, consider using a cake or cakes with a square, rather than a round, shape. Square wedding cakes can be anything from traditional to trendy for an eye-catching end to the wedding.

Traditional Square Cake Advantages


Most traditional wedding cakes are stacked in descending sizes and covered in white or ivory frosting. Many brides choosing a traditional stacked display decorate their cake with confectionery accents and real or silk flowers in hues that match or complement their wedding colors. The traditional decorating scheme is easily incorporated into a square cake design for any couple who wants to have a square shaped cake.

Other advantages of square wedding cakes include:

  • Square cakes may yield more servings than a round cake of similar size.
  • You can offset the layers of cake at angles to one another to create a twisting or spiral effect.
  • The shape of the cakes are a great backdrop for several different decorating styles, from art deco to scrollwork to traditional fondant swags.
  • Square wedding cakes often offer more room around the perimeter of stacked layers for embellishments and other decorations.

Virtually any design can be adapted to a classic square cake, making it an ideal choice for brides and grooms.

Square Cake Design Options

There are numerous ways you can use square-shaped cakes to create traditional, modern, or fanciful designs.

Gift Wrapped

Gift wrapped cake

For a new twist on the traditional stacked wedding cake, design your square cakes to resemble intricately wrapped gifts. Often achieved with the use of smoother fondant frostings, cakes decorated to look like a stack of wrapped gifts have a variety of accents for beautiful and original looks. Frosting resembling bows and ribbon accompany carefully crafted accents of frosting peals and beads in a variety of colors.

The gift wrapped look is also done with alternating square cakes with different shapes to add interest and variety. Alternate the square cakes with round, hexagonal, or heart shapes to create different looks.

Square Sheet Cakes

Although many wedding cakes use stacks and pillars for an appearance of greater height, a square or rectangular sheet cake has several advantages as a wedding cake. The ease and efficiency of cutting make it an excellent choice for very large weddings. The sheet cakes can be decorated to match the wedding decorations and displayed as beautifully as a stacked or tiered cake.

sheet cake

If you are on a tight budget, a wedding sheet cake can be lower in cost than its taller stacked or tiered cousins. A sheet cake can also work well with an informal or casual wedding. Making the sheet cake perfectly square, rather than rectangular in shape, helps lend a slightly unique look to it. You can also create a much larger square cake yourself by piecing together several smaller square cakes and covering them all with the same icing.

Individual Square Cakes

Individual wedding cakes are a contemporary alternative to a large wedding cake. Individual cakes can be arranged on tiered cake stands for dramatic effect. Individual cakes can also be individually wrapped or boxed with a message from the bride and groom and a monogrammed napkin as a wedding favor, or arranged as a dessert bar. By doing this you can incorporate a variety of flavors.

Another way to use individual square cakes is to create several different flavors and colors of cake and arrange them in checkerboard or other repeating patterns on one large display stand. Rather than cutting into the cake, simply serve the cakes as they are.


Branch-covered cake

Stacking layers of square cakes on top of one another is a great way to form shapes reminiscent of mountains. Take advantage of this natural shape to create a nature-inspired wedding cake. Layers twigs, branches, berries, leaves or flowers over the cake, arranging the decorations so they flow in one direction over the cake. Light the design from below to cast shadows on the cake through the decoration that highlight the effect.

Contemporary Cakes

The clean lines of a square cake lend themselves perfectly to contemporary cake designs that are perfect for more modern weddings. Ways that square cakes can be given a modern twist include:

  • Printing images onto the sides of the cake to give it the appear of a movie marquee or a billboard
  • Using geometric designs around the perimeter of the cake, such as herringbone or chevron patterns in bold colors
  • Decorating the cake to look like blocks of wood complete with grain, concrete blocks, or bricks so the cake resembles architecture
  • Decorating flat cookies in a variety of different shapes and colors and attaching them to the sides of the cake as the sole decoration

Contrasting Designs

Square cake with dots and cascading flowers

Many contrasting images are in the shape of squares, such as checkerboards. Consider using contrasts to create a unique cake, such as:

  • Square cakes decorated with circles or swirl designs, such as dots and paisley patterns
  • Square cakes in alternating colors, with each layer a different flavor and color
  • Plain, square cakes in precise layers with haphazard or spiraling flowers, branches, or other design spilling from the top down the sides
  • Using fondant to create long, loose swags that hang from one or two layers of cake or from only one side of the cake, gathering on the table and leaving the other sides bare

Theme Cake Bases

If you are interested in a cake customized for your wedding theme, many themed wedding cakes start with a square cake base. The cake base can become any number of different settings for a confectionery masterpiece. Ideas include:

  • Using the base as a field and moat for a castle
  • Decorating the base as the beach for a sand castle
  • Creating a city skyline
  • Creating a forest
  • Forming the base of a pyramid

Square Platforms

square cake with platforms

Give some extra lift to your cake by using platforms along with the square layers. Setting the cake layers on platforms gives you several different options for decorating and displaying the cakes:

  • Platforms can create negative space between the layers that can be filled with flowers, swags, cloth, figurines or candy.
  • Platforms give you a place to rest decorations around the perimeter of the cake, without needing to decorate the cake itself.
  • Using a platform allows you to separate the cake layers for easy cutting and serving, or storing for later.

The square cut of the platforms gives the cakes a clean, minimalistic look, even when fully decorated.

Square Groom's Cake

The groom's cake, often served at the rehearsal dinner, or used as an alternate wedding cake flavor, is often based on a square cake as well. Groom's cakes may be made with the groom in mind, which makes a square cake the ideal football field or foosball table, or they may be a scaled-down version of the bride's cake. If the bride's cake is also based on squares, using a square groom's cake in an opposite color and flavor may be a nice complement to the wedding cake itself.

Get Inspired

Your cake can be anything you imagine, and with a square backdrop, you'll be able to create anything you can conceive of in your design. Create a square wedding cake that embodies everything about your special day.

Ideas for Square Wedding Cakes