Spring Wedding Themes

Beautiful Outdoors


A Spring wedding offers many related themes for a bridal couple to choose. From spring colors to lovely locations to spring-inspired tasty menus and fun favors, it's no wonder spring is a popular wedding season.

One of the easiest ways to bring a touch of spring to your wedding is an outdoors celebration. An open field, a spring garden, or an orchard are just a few charming choices, and you can emphasize the spring theme with appropriate attire, including a sleeveless dress and a spring hat instead of a formal veil.

Spring Flowers


Tulips are a popular spring wedding flower. Bold and luscious, they are easily available and affordable in the spring, and come in a wide range of solid colors and variegated hues. A large bundle of tulips makes a stunning bouquet, or they can be part of a mixed floral bouquet including other spring blooms such as daisies or lilacs.



Butterfly theme weddings are a popular spring choice, and the innocent beauty of the butterfly is a romantic accent for spring themes. You can opt for butterfly wedding favors, butterfly fondant designs on your cake, or a jeweled butterfly ornament for your hair to add this delicate touch to different aspects of your wedding.

Basket Cakes


A basketweave buttercream cake with a fresh floral topper has a classic spring look that is perfect for a seasonal dessert. To add even more of a spring touch to your wedding cake, opt for pastel hues and light flavors such as lemon, vanilla, or strawberry.

Short Dresses


Emphasize the warming of the season by choosing tea length bridesmaid dresses instead of floor length gowns. Shorter dresses are more seasonally appropriate and will be more comfortable in warmer weather. Pair the dresses with fashionable sandals for an extra spring touch.

Fresh White


Spring is a popular wedding season because nature feels fresh and new at that time of year when buds are blooming and flowers are reappearing. You can emphasize that freshness with a clean, white wedding palette accented only with minimal color. This can also be an economical choice for your wedding, and you can let nature do the decorating for you.

Gardening Theme


Let your love grow with a gardening theme for your spring wedding. An outdoor ceremony and rustic decorations such as tin pails, watering cans used as vases, and flower seed wedding favors are all perfect choices for a spring wedding with a green thumb.

Yellow Wedding


Pale yellow is a popular color for spring weddings, no matter what time of the season you are planning your event. Roses, lilies, tulips, daisies, and other flowers come in a range of yellow shades, and you can use sheer ribbon to tie the bouquets or as coordinating sashes for the bridesmaids to add this sunny hue to your wedding palette.

Pastel Patterns


All pastel colors - pink, blue, green, yellow - are popular for spring weddings, but you can make your choice more unique by opting for simple fabric patterns instead of solid colors. A gingham or plaid pastel is a whimsical choice that pairs well with oversized Gerbera daisy bouquets, and you can easily include the same colors and patterns in other wedding linens, such as tablecloths, runners, napkins, and draped ribbons.

Spring Flowers


Go bold with your spring wedding theme by opting for a fun fondant wedding cake with bright spring shades. Flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, and birds are all great accents for spring weddings, and brighter colors give your event a more unique and memorable appeal.

Wedding Doves


Wedding doves are a popular symbol for weddings in any season, but they're particularly appropriate for spring wedding themes when birds are returning to the region. Dove figurines are available as wedding toppers and doves can easily be engraved on wedding invitations, or you might choose an actual dove release to celebrate your ceremony or reception. If you do use live birds, however, check site restrictions first and be sure you are using a reputable company that treats its birds humanely.

Spring Menus


The fresh, sweet taste of spring can be a complete theme for your wedding menu. Fresh berries, a light citrus cake, punch, crisp salads, and other gentle flavors are perfect for a spring meal and will be a delicious way to share your first bites as husband and wife.

Spring Pictures


No matter what wedding theme you decide on for your spring nuptials, be sure to take advantage of nature's seasonal beauty for your wedding photos. Choose photo locations that show trees and flowers in beautiful bloom and incorporate those luxurious landscapes into your pictures for timeless mementos of your spring celebration.

Spring Favors


It is easy to find spring wedding favors to complement any theme. Scented candles in light, fresh fragrances and florals are popular, as are flower or garden seed packets or birdseed. If you prefer candy wedding favors, use miniature tin pails or terra cotta pots instead of plain favor boxes to add a spring touch.

Garden Weddings


There's no time like spring to plan a beautiful and romantic wedding. Whether you opt for a garden wedding or just add simple spring touches to a classic celebration, there are many lovely options to choose from.

Need more seasonal wedding ideas for a spring celebration? Check out these slideshows for more inspiration:

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Spring Wedding Themes