Spring Wedding Centerpieces

See more spring wedding themes.
See more spring wedding themes.

Spring centerpieces can serve as inspirations for other wedding decorating ideas. A mix of pastel colors, flowers and spring icons add depth and design elements to the wedding ceremony and reception.

Spring Floral Centerpieces

Using wedding flower arrangements is an easy and attractive way to dress up your reception tables. Choose flowers that typically bloom in the spring, such as tulips, lilies, peonies, or daffodils. Look for varieties that bloom in your wedding colors or choose neutral pastels that will go with any spring wedding decorations.

Spring Vase Ideas

For a unique twist on the traditional vase, try one of these spring options for your floral centerpiece:

  • Straw Hats: Flip a straw hat upside down. Line it and the fill with potting mix. Plant several bulbs or re-pot from another container and use as a centerpiece.
  • Rain Boots: Purchase brightly colored baby or toddler-sized rain boots. Fill one with water to see if they leak after a few hours. If so, line the boots. Otherwise, fill the boots two-thirds to three-quarters of the way full. Add a little plant food and cut stems to fit the boots for a whimsical spring centerpiece.
  • Umbrella: Nothing says spring like a little rain shower, so flip doll-sized umbrellas upside down and fill with flowers. Incorporate flowers around the long handle and stretch out strings of clear teardrop-shaped crystals from the top of the handle to the edges to simulate raindrops.
  • Rainbow Arcs: Use wires and mesh to create a rainbow arc to place in the center of the tables. Stick flower stems through the mesh to hold each flower head in place. After filling the rainbow in with the appropriate colors, place over a planter with grass.

Spring Table Décor

Tie the rest of the table décor into the centerpieces. Choose a table runner in pastel blue, pink, green, or yellow. Look for one with an eyelet lace design, gingham, or even a pretty plaid as a compliment to the flower decorations. You can also scatter petals across the tables and match linens and chair covers to your centerpiece design.

Themed Spring Wedding Centerpieces

A spring wedding often has a theme beyond the season. Incorporate themes into your spring wedding by considering a centerpiece that will bring a bit of the theme to every table.

Babbling Brooks

A favorite sound of spring is that of a babbling brook or running water if you have a pond, river, or stream near your home. Feature water in your centerpieces by trying one of the following ideas:

  • Create a babbling brook by purchasing cheap tabletop fountains and placing them on every table.
  • Make a mini river by setting up narrow, low clear vases and placing sailboats, floating candles or flower heads in them. This looks especially nice when placed sporadically along rectangular tables.
  • Set up a mini pond by placing polished pebbles in a clear vase and adding water tinted light blue on various tables. Add small fish tank decorations to complete the look.



If you have a hobby that you are incorporating into your spring wedding, use it within your centerpieces, too. For example, if you enjoy riding motorcycles or collecting miniature motorcycles, re-purpose a tiered dessert stand and place the motorcycles on them in the center of the table.

Likewise, if you and your spouse enjoy flying kites, use wire and fabric to create pretty kites that stand in the center of the table. Include other spring sporting activities, such as hiking or cycling, in a centerpiece by adding memorabilia to the reception tables. Decorating each table slightly differently for a wedding will make each one unique but still include your hobby theme into the reception decorations.


Spring makes almost everyone think of gardening. Consider one of these centerpieces in the spring, whether you garden or not:

  • Watering cans filled with flowers
  • Large vases filled with colorful garden vegetables
  • Make the centerpiece double as a wedding reception favor by placing seed packets in a painted terra cotta pot.

Birds and Butterflies

Consider these ideas for incorporating spring birds and butterflies:

  • Small birdhouses painted to match wedding colors
  • Nests filled with colorful faux eggs
  • Flower arrangements that incorporate feathers
  • Fabric butterflies or candles in butterfly shapes

When it comes to wedding centerpiece ideas in the spring, take your cue from the newly blooming flowers, the pastel colors, or your wedding theme. By using your imagination, you are sure to come up with some pleasing spring wedding centerpieces to fit into your budget and your décor scheme.

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