Spring Color Patterns for Weddings

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Choose appropriate colors for spring.

Weddings are perfect venues for spring color patterns! The excitement of springtime renewal reflected through colors and patterns offer bridal couples endless decorating possibilities.

Seasonal Spring Colors

A wedding evokes feelings of love, excitement, and joy. The spring season may also inspire those exact same feelings. Soft hues and subtle pastels are commonplace in the spring. Wedding trends for colors might come and go, but ones inspired by the season will look lovely regardless of the decade.

Color Choices

While baby pink, powder blue, and mint green are often the first colors to come to mind when you think spring, several other colors are perfect for your wedding palette:

  • Lavender
  • Buttercream
  • Soft gold
  • Lilac
  • Sage
  • Honey
  • Periwinkle
  • Seafoam green
  • Aquamarine
  • Lemon yellow
  • Salmon
  • Rose pink
  • Coral
  • Kelly green
  • Peach

Springtime Neutrals

You can even use neutrals in spring color patterns for weddings without looking too stark or drastic. For example, black and white are perfect winter wedding colors but they're also chic choices for a formal evening spring or summer wedding. However, it may look out of place at a casual garden wedding. Instead, consider using shades of beige and browns or dark blues and navies for the darker colors and tan, cream, champagne, or ivory for the lighter colors at your wedding. Gray, while an unusual choice, is a soft alternative to harsh black and evokes images of springtime thunderstorms and rain showers.

Late Spring Into Early Summer Color Patterns

Incorporate bright colors from summer into a spring palate for a wedding in late May and early June, as spring becomes summer. For example, pairing a bright sunny yellow with a soft mint green or a bright fuchsia with pale yellow and sky blue are combinations that fit the changing of the seasons.

Examples of Spring Color Patterns for Weddings

Choosing wedding colors for any season, including spring, is something that couples often fret over. Search online for bridesmaid dresses or floral arrangements in examples of the color combination you are considering to help you visualize the entire pattern for your spring wedding. Another easy way to picture color combinations is to get paint chip samples in the spring colors you are considering for your wedding. This helps you pick exactly the right combination.

peach and pink color ideas

Examples of spring color combinations for weddings include:

  • Orange, pale yellow, and lavender
  • Powder blue and gray
  • Seafoam green and sky blue
  • Lavender, lilac, periwinkle, and plum
  • Chocolate brown and pink
  • Ivory and honey
  • Peach, salmon, and coral

While metallic colors are often reserved for fall and winter weddings, a soft gold or shimmering white pearl used in moderation adds a touch of opulence to a spring wedding with pastel colors. Use the metallic color sparingly, so it does not seem garish in the midst of the entire wedding color scheme.

Casual and Colorful Spring Patterns

Casual and informal weddings are the perfect setting to incorporate actual spring color patterns for weddings, using actual patterns in your colors. While patterns are usually inappropriate for a formal wedding or seem peculiar in the winter, they are fanciful and fun in the spring.

Avoid looking tacky by using a springtime pattern as an accent instead of the main event. For example, a bridesmaid dress entirely in pink and lilac plaid may seem over-the-top; however, a simple carnation pink dress with a plaid sash will look seasonal. Similarly, outfitting an entire table in blue and green polka dot linens will look busy; however, a polka dot bow around the chairs and a matching table runner looks tied together.

Gingham is another popular pattern for the spring, and once again, used in the right places, makes for a perfect accent pattern in a wedding. Add a pocket square in mint green gingham and tie bridal bouquets with the same material, instead of asking everyone to don matching mint gingham attire.

One way to keep from going overboard with a spring pattern is to use colors in the same family. For example, use various shades of pink or yellow, so the pattern is subtle yet springy. Remember, it is usually best to avoid patterns at semi-formal or formal spring weddings.

Regardless of the season, wedding colors should be the ones that the bride and groom actually like. If you cannot decide on a color pattern for your spring wedding, consider using rainbow wedding ideas with pastel hues for a colorful and fun palette.

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