Some Ideas for a Rainbow Wedding

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Some ideas can help you plan for a rainbow wedding. With a bit of creativity, you can discover ways to use a rainbow theme for your wedding. You can use bright rainbow colors, meaningful symbols through decorations, flowers, favors and other wedding items.

Rainbow Wedding Symbols

Choose one or more symbols for a rainbow themed wedding. You can then use the symbol(s) throughout your decorations for the wedding and reception.

Happiness and Joy

Since rainbows commonly represent the beauty of that comes after a storm or rain, many couples might simply want some ideas for a rainbow wedding to incorporate the fact that they have finally found joy and happiness in their love, despite the "storms" of the outside world.

Christian Symbolism

For those of the Christian faith, a wedding with a rainbow theme can be highly significant as this is a symbol used in the Old Testament to signify God's promise to His people: I do set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be a token of a covenant between me and the earth. (Genesis 9:13). A rainbow, then, can be representing the couple's faith or the promise of their marital union.

Irish Symbolism

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Whether or not a bride or a groom has Irish ancestry, the symbolism of luck and prosperity of the rainbow and its accompanying pot of gold found in many Irish legends can be a fun and meaningful way to theme a wedding. The couple may use this to symbolize their familial or ancestral roots or their belief in the prosperity of their marriage.

Wizard of Oz

Who can forget the classic move The Wizard of Oz, in which the lovely Dorothy longs for the golden Somewhere Over the Rainbow? For lovers of this wonderful film, the rainbow might be part of this overall theme. Or, perhaps it might be used in reference to the couple's finding their dream in one another.


Gay couples getting married, or couples who are advocates for diversity, might choose to use a rainbow in their wedding to show their support for tolerance and acceptance of various lifestyles and beliefs.

Ways to Incorporate Rainbows into Your Wedding

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No matter why you'd like to incorporate rainbows into your wedding day, there are a vast number of ways to do so. Keep a notebook and jot down ideas to make the incorporations of this symbol unique to the other aspects you desire in your special day.


Bunches of balloons in a rainbow of colors can be a bright and fun addition to a wedding's décor. Another popular and beautiful idea is the balloon arch - which can be formed as a rainbow with different strips of color, or a shaded rainbow with using varying shades of the central wedding colors.


Flowers are a wedding essential, and they can be used for some ideas for a rainbow wedding by using various colors of flowers and varying shades of greenery. Alternately, you could opt for white or off-white flower choice and use streaming, multi-colored ribbons to adorn the bouquets.


There are many ways to use rainbows in a wedding's décor. Consider:

  • Rainbow wind chimes
  • Colorful streamers or ribbons
  • Colored table cloths
  • Rainbow colored paper lanterns or other hanging décor
  • Colored string of lights or colored light bulbs
  • Rainbow unity candle set or other multi-colored centerpieces
  • Banners or wall décor with rainbow images
  • Rainbow graphics on napkins
Colorful cake


Favors can be fun and easy for a rainbow wedding theme. You can either use traditional favors, such as candy, in bright, rainbow colors, or get items with specific rainbow images on them, such as coasters or candles. Cookies can also be custom-ordered or made with a piped or airbrushed rainbow design.

If you are planning a wedding on a budget, many dollar and discount stores may have items such as mirrors, magnets, photo frames, and more in various colors or with rainbow symbols. You can also create custom CD or candy wrapper labels using a rainbow graphic for your wedding.

The Cake

Coming up with a rainbow themed wedding cake idea doesn't have to be difficult, either. An experienced baker can create a rainbow design atop the cake with frosting or airbrushing. You could also use different colored flowers or flower petals to create the color range you want. The cake could even be designed in the shape of a rainbow, or use white sponge cake tinted with different colors for the full effect when the cake is cut.

Some Ideas for a Rainbow Wedding: How much Color is Too Much?

Rainbow of leaves

For an informal wedding, couples can have free reign and indulge themselves with an array of brightly colored décor. For a semi-formal or formal wedding, however, including a rainbow theme can be slightly more difficult. While you want the atmosphere to be festive, you might not want it to resemble a child's birthday party. In this case, a way to incorporate rainbow theme ideas is to use a palette of colors other than the traditional primary rainbow hues.For a fall wedding, for example, use rich gold, pumpkin orange, chocolate brown, and rust-red a sophisticated rainbow. You can create the décor, cake, and favors to reflect this theme. Adjust the colors accordingly for the season, and you'll be on your way to a sophisticated and beautiful wedding that promises all the hope and prosperity a rainbow stands for.

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Some Ideas for a Rainbow Wedding