Snowflake Wedding Cakes

Crocheted snowflakes add vintage appeal to the cake.

Snowflake wedding cakes are lovely, delicate creations perfect for winter weddings. Furthermore, just like every snowflake is unique, there are many ways to create snowflake cake designs to match each couple's celebration.

Snowflake Wedding Dates

A snowflake cake design is perfect for any winter wedding, though the precise dates may vary depending on the climate. For most couples, weddings in December or January are often blanketed in snow, making snowflake cakes the perfect choice. A couple may choose a snowflake design at any time, however, if it relates to their wedding plans. If, for example, they are planning a ski resort honeymoon or if they got engaged in the winter, a snowflake cake would be appropriate and meaningful. Some couples may even choose to arrange a winter-themed wedding in the hottest summer months to be whimsical and unique.

Designs for Snowflake Wedding Cakes

There are dozens of ways to decorate a snowflake cake, whether the couple is interested in a humorous design, an elegant approach, or a very simple snowflake pattern. Wedding cake design options include:

  • Having snowflake patterns pressed or embossed into heavy fondant icing.
  • Creating three-dimensional icing snowflakes all over the cake.
  • Adding white or ivory snowflakes to a dark cake, such as white icing on a chocolate cake for a stunning contrast.
  • Using colored snowflakes such as blue, silver, gold, or red flakes on a white cake for elegant contrasts.
  • Choosing non-edible decorative accents with snowflake details, such as ribbons, crystal or glass ornaments, or crocheted snowflakes.
  • Choosing a snowflake wedding cake topper.
  • Molding snowflakes from marzipan, sugar paste, or royal icing to use as accents.
  • Stenciling snowflake patterns onto fondant icing.
  • Creating icicles or snowdrifts that overhang the edges of the cake.
  • Using snowflake-shaped sprinkles on cupcake wedding cakes.
  • Creating a designer cake with each tier in the shape of a snowflake.

Because of snowflakes' natural delicacy, most wedding snowflake cakes are tiered to enhance the "drifting" quality of the flakes. Spaced tiers can also be used, and the flakes could even be designed to float between tiers.

To further enhance a snowflake design, many cakes incorporate other chilly details such as adding mounds of decorative snow around the cake stand or decorating the cake table with additional accents. Popular choices include:

  • White fur
  • Tinsel or garland
  • White twinkle lights
  • Cranberries
  • Evergreen boughs

By adding these extra details, a snowflake cake stands out as the masterpiece it is.

Finding a Snowflake Design

Many bakers can provide a range of snowflake designs for couples to choose from. Specialty bakers will have the greatest range of options, and couples should always ask to see a portfolio of snowflake cake designs to get a feel for what can be accomplished.

What to Look For

For snowflake wedding cakes to look their best, several types of details should be clearly visible:

  • Flakes should be different sizes, particularly if they are decorating tiers of different sizes so smaller tiers are not overwhelmed.
  • Several snowflake shapes and designs should be used to add greater variety and detail to the cake.
  • The snowflakes should be carefully detailed to provide an exquisite amount of depth and texture.
  • If the flakes are separately attached to the cake, several spare flakes should be provided in case of breakage or damage.


Because of the intense labor required to create many snowflake designs, these wedding cake prices can be higher than simpler designs. Couples can choose a less demanding design, however, such as opting for embossed flakes rather than separately sculpted flakes. Another option to lower costs is to use only a few detailed flakes and fill in the rest of the cake with small icing beads to simulate snowfall. Choosing a smaller, highly designed cake and filling in the rest of the order with simpler sheet cakes is another way to enjoy the beauty of a snowflake design without as high a price.

Coordinating Snowflake Details


Snowy wedding cakes truly shine when they are part of a coordinated design scheme that spreads snowflakes throughout the wedding reception decorations. Snowflakes can be used in many ways in wedding décor, including:

By using snowflakes throughout the wedding decorations, the beauty of the intricate cake design will be amplified and a stunningly coordinated wedding will result.

Snowflake wedding cakes are beautiful designs that celebrate the refreshing glory of winter as well as the couple's love. With many different designs to choose from, couples can find just the right snowflake cake to celebrate their one-of-a-kind relationship.

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