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A wedding cake requires several photos to capture the design and moment the couple cut it. From different flavors to a rainbow of colors to various shapes, sizes, and decorations, there are many ways to personalize a wedding cake. A gallery of photos is a great way to find inspiration. You can browse bakers' portfolios, bridal magazines, free bridal catalogs, and friends' wedding photos for decorating ideas. You may collect pictures of your favorite ones to share with your baker when designing your dream wedding cake.

Themed Beach Wedding Cake

Sea life adds a whimsical touch to a beach themed cake.

Square Cake with Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are a beautiful way to adorn your cake.

Unique Strawberry Topper

A unique topper like the strawberries on this ivory cake, can make a big impact.

Original Pastel Wedding Cake

A one-of-a-kind can show off your personality or follow a unique wedding theme.

Wedding Cupcakes

Chocolate and vanilla wedding cupcakes are sweet take on a traditional cake.

Victorian Style Cake

A period-inspired wedding cake can be romantic.

Cake with Floral Accents

Experienced bakers can create intricate and elaborate designs.

Classic Wedding Cake

A traditional cake style with floral embellishment never goes out of style.

Dramatic Square Wedding Cake

Square cakes are fresh and modern. To play up the drama even more, choose a non-traditional flavor.

Elegant Cake with Seashells

Elegance can be inspired by nature. A more demure cake allows the couple to be the center of attention.

Teal and Chocolate Wedding Cake

You can choose any color combination for your wedding cake.

Check out more cakes with these slideshows:

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Wedding Cake Photos