Unusual Wedding Pictures

Unusual Wedding Photos

Wedding photos are more than posed formal shots or amateur snapshots, and choosing unusual wedding pictures can capture the ambiance and emotion of your special day in an unforgettable way. Couples interested in unique photography should carefully consult with their photographer first and view their portfolio to see what their typical wedding style is and what unusual experience them may have. Don't be afraid to provide a list of must-take photos so no unusual shots are missed. The following photos are suggestions for unusual wedding photographs that can make extra special memories for your memorable event.

Sweet Moments

Capture the tender moments. Your sweetest moments together can be wonderful for photographs.

Unusual Color

Experiment with color. Unique tones and fades can instantly spice up a standard photo.

Angled Wedding Photo

Angles can add drama! A dramatic picture can be a powerful and beautiful reminder of your wedding day.

Motion Photo

Make the most of motion.

Unusual Focus

Have fun with focus. Your wedding is a monumental occasion, but it it's also a time for joy -- have fun with unusual shots that celebrate your day.

Silhouette Wedding Picture

Silhouettes can be stunning. You don't have to just focus on faces; don't underestimate the power of non-traditional takes.

Fabulously Floral

Use flowers as a frame. The beauty of your flowers can be preserved in photograph forever.

More Details

Joy Captured on Camera

Rejoice in the moment! It's your day; special photos can capture the joy you feel.

Unusual Reception Photo

Don't forget the reception! The reception can be a great place for unique pictures, from the decor that hallmarks your day to those in the wedding party to zany snapshots of guests.

Close Up Dance Romance

Romantic wedding pictures can be classic or unusual.

Happily Ever After

Unusual wedding pictures can make you make sweet memories for your happily ever after. In fact, some of these awesome ideas may end up being a bridal trend on Pinterest!

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Unusual Wedding Pictures