Unusual Wedding Dresses

Elegant Unusual Dress


Finding an unusual dress for your wedding is a great way to make a memorable statement. It's your day, so if your fashion sense is unique, this is your opportunity to express it with a dramatic wedding gown!

Wedding dresses that feature a twist on the traditional look are unexpected yet stunning. A skirt composed entirely of wine red roses is unusual while still being elegant. Gold accents on the bodice add to this lovely style.

Punk Gowns


Brides who want to add a little punk or goth element to their weddings can also incorporate their style into their dress. Soft pastel pinks, blues or greens contrast with a black latex top. Continue the style with a headpiece that adds flair to your look.

Use Color Creatively


Bold colors are a popular trend seen in many modern bridal gowns. Color itself isn't necessarily unusual, but how you incorporate it into your dress can be. Large orange sleeves add a retro feel to a traditional white dress. Combine a matching patterned waistband or bow and you're sure to have a dress that looks as great as you feel.

Unusual Gown Accents


Many people unfairly equate the word unusual with weird or ugly. If you want an atypical dress sure to be remembered, consider finding a more traditional gown with unusual accents. Fringed sleeves, shredded hemlines, a detachable tulle cape, mesh bodice, feathered train, or a crazy high collar reminiscent of royalty add an element of extraordinary without going overboard.

Patterned Wedding Dresses


While colored gowns have been on the bridal market for several years, patterned gowns are still relatively new. Look for a wedding gown made with material in floral, plaid, polka dots, stripes or paisley patterns.

Wear Pants Instead of a Dress


No one says a wedding dress has to be an actual dress. If you're uncomfortable wearing a skirt, don't don one for your wedding. Plenty of sharp pant options are available for women who want to feel comfortable on their wedding day. For a sexy look, a fitted pantsuit is best; for a more traditional look, flowing pants with a corset style bodice is the perfect pair.

Unusual Hemlines


Short, tea length and long ball gowns are common in today's bridal fashions. For an uncommon twist look for a gown that incorporates two lengths into one style. Dresses with a snazzy short skirt look flirty and festive from the front, while a longer back creates the traditional bridal style as you walk down the aisle.

Funky Fashionable Gowns


Add a funky, fashionable twist to a traditional bridal ensemble by choosing something edgy. Choosing a gown with a trendy skirt adds a hip element to a wedding gown. Alternatively, consider purchasing a more traditional skirt and wearing a nice cotton t-shirt or button-down blouse as the top.

Themed Wedding Gowns


If you're planning a destination or themed wedding, look for an unusual wedding dress that reflects the wedding itself. Skip wearing a full ball gown on the beach and instead don a beautiful white bikini and coverup. Wear a lacy Western gown for a country wedding in a barn (complete with boots and hat) or a beautiful Renaissance gown if you're planning a medieval wedding in a castle.

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Unusual Wedding Dresses