Romantic Wedding Pictures

Veiled Romance

A romantic wedding should have an abundance of pictures to memorialize this important day. Wedding pictures should include simple sweetheart shots and dramatic angles for exceptional wedding memories. Follow the example of savvy couples and create a list of "must-have" shots by browsing dramatic and romantic pictures of different weddings.

Pictured: Use your veil for a secret romantic kiss.

Capture the Thoughtful Moments

A quiet or thoughtful moment can be incredibly romantic when captured on film. Capture a moment of introspection as a precious keepsake.

Stunning Silhouettes

Church backlighting can be beautifully dramatic. Consider any kind of photo with dramatic contrast for a high visual appeal.

Architectural Details

Ceremony location architecture can be romantic. Look for archways, dramatic windows and balconies and other scene-setting locations for your bridal photos.

Soft Focus Photos

Adjust focus on your wedding pictures for a soft, romantic feel. This technique can be used for day or night shots.

Relaxed and Personal

Share a tender, loving moment. A less staged, more casual photograph can truly let your love shine through and show a different side of you than the posed pictures of your special day.

Set the Scene

Natural frames add drama to romance. Use locale, lighting and all of the available elements to enhance your pictures.

Romance Down the Aisle

Add romantic drama by using unique angles, or showing panoramic or long perspective views in your wedding photos.

Use a Different View

Adding height to a photo is unique and can give a new look to those special moments.

Sunset on the Beach

Sunset beach silhouettes are stunning, highlighting your relationship against the most amazing natural beauty!

Color Tinted Wedding Photos

Try color tinting for instant distinction. Black and white adds its own sense of romance, but adding color tinting can highlight some visual elements for some pop!

Icons of Love

Beach weddings are inherently romantic. You can also use icons of love and beauty to highlight your pictures. Consider a heart, entwined rings or other symbol of your abiding sentiments.

Picture the Little Details

A last picture of your happily ever after can cap your romantic photo album. Sometimes images of those little things that made your big day extraordinary are the best reminders to capture.

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Romantic Wedding Pictures