Pictures of Winter Wedding Dresses

Stylish Winter Wedding Gowns

Pictures of different styles of winter wedding dresses help brides decide what they want. Brides planning a winter wedding must consider their regional climate.

A gown that sparkles with winter colors is especially stunning against a winter landscape, and seasonal designs, such as snowflakes or holiday decorations, can add both beauty and whimsy to a wedding dress design.

Winter Gown with Long Coat

A long winter white coat is beautiful when paired with a colored gown. A dress done in a deep hue, such as a burgundy or red, can complement the winter season in an elegant and stylish way. The white coat will pull together the look and will look perfect on any bride.

Holiday Inpiration

Have fun using festive holiday accents for a Christmas wedding dress. Consider a simple dress style and add some pops of red to use as accents.

Winter Elegance

A winter wedding can be quite elegant. A bride may wish to choose a long detailed train that gives the look of glistening snow or wear a gown that sparkles with her every move.

Accent With Fur

Billows of fur and tulle mimic snowdrifts. Wearing a simple fur shawl can be the perfect touch to any winter wedding. Brides can find a variety of options from dresses trimmed in fur to muffs and capes that can be worn over the dress for added warmth, as well as style.

Go with Gloves

Elegant gloves are the perfect seasonal accessory. Gloves look great when paired with dresses that are sleeveless or have shorter sleeves in cooler climates. They add to the winter wedding theme and tie your look together.

Romantic Wrap

A short wrap will keep your shoulders warm while outside in the cold, while showing off a good portion of your gown. You can choose a shawl, cape or even a cropped jacket to wear over your gown. Whether you decide to keep on the wrap or remove it when indoors, it can add a stylish touch to your wedding attire. The wrap will look great in outdoor photos and can add a cute and warm touch to any wedding dress.

Sophistication and Warmth

Winter weddings can be sophisticated and fun. Brides can find a variety of stylish dresses with accents such as fur and in designs that have long sleeves or short. Many options for winter weddings can be elegant, yet still comfortable and warm.

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Pictures of Winter Wedding Dresses