Pictures of Wedding Arches

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Coordinating the Wedding Arch

A wedding arch serves many purposes, and different pictures of wedding arches show the wide range of designs and decorations available to provide the perfect frame for your special ceremony. The arch is also a backdrop for many photos, and it is important to decorate it carefully so it is a seamless part of the event.

Whether you choose a simple or elaborate arch, remember to bear in mind the location conditions, such as wind and local weather, to ensure your arch withstands whatever your wedding day may bring. Here, the red and yellow flowers will add points of interest in a sea of green, blue, and white.

Outdoor Grapevine Arch With Teal

This wedding arch with teal accents will make a lovely backdrop for outdoor wedding photos. The flowers stand out just enough against the stunning blue sky and vibrant grass to make a statement. A decorated arch should coordinate well with the wedding colors, so that the end result will be polished pictures the bride and groom can be proud to display.

Square Floral and Tulle Arch

The square arch is an unusual choice, but a beautiful one all the same. If you want to do something a little different from all your other friends and family members, consider an angular arch.

Lush Arch with Hawaiian Flowers

If you're a girly-girl and just can't get enough flowers, you'll love an arch like this. Choose flowers that are exactly the same as those in your bouquet and table settings, or just go with something that will complement them either in shape, size, or color.

Palms and Florals for a Beach Wedding

One of the best ways to coordinate your arch at a beach wedding is to not just include flowers, but add in some palm fronds, too. It's a no-brainer way to add some green to your arch in order to break up the color you choose for the flowers. In this case, the green adds contrast for white flowers, and the whole scene is stunning with the ocean, sand, and sky as a backdrop. Because of the green, the white flowers don't get lost in the image.

Rustic Wood Canopy Beach Arch

Here's another example of the square arch, which looks beautiful and right at home here among the trees. Not all arches need excessive decorations. This rustic canopy looks simple yet stunning in an outdoor setting.

Color Coordinated Arch and Aisle

This arch coordinates well with the greenery, both on the seats and at the venue, for a cohesive look. The green stands out against the stark white and manages to tie everything together without looking overdone.

Fabric Covered Beach Arch

Who says you have to use flowers? Fabric is cheaper and it's just as colorful. Everyone will think you're a very creative couple for skipping right by the obvious floral route.

Tulle and Ivy Canopy Arch

Tulle and ivy make a classically beautiful alternative for a wedding arch. They work almost anywhere and will look lovely regardless of your wedding colors.

Natural Church Architecture Arch

If you're getting married in a place where there's interesting architecture, consider using some of that as your arch instead of bringing in a separate one.

Festive Balloon Arches

What better way to celebrate than with balloons? Incorporate some into your arch to let your guests know they're not attending just any old ceremony--it's a party!

Summer Floral Beach Arch

A summer wedding calls for bright color. Add some warmth to your beach wedding by using rosy tones and yellow.

Indoor Lattice Arch at a Civil Ceremony

If you're not too into floral arches, try a lattice instead. Choose a neutral tone that coordinates best with the colors of your flowers, the bridesmaids' dresses, the background and your venue.

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Pictures of Wedding Arches