Pictures of LDS Wedding Dresses

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LDS wedding dresses shown in pictures might appear overly modest at first glance. However, modern LDS wedding gowns are also elegant and often understated. With a little photo browsing, brides can find their ideal wedding dress without compromising their spiritual values or temple requirements.

Modest Designs

LDS wedding dresses are required to be modest with simple necklines and sleeves. While these styles can be challenging to find, many designers are offering more modest designs suitable both for LDS brides and for anyone interested in a more demure wedding dress.

Skirt Styles

While LDS dresses must be simple, some details are acceptable and give brides the opportunity to choose a dress design that suits their personal style. Different textures on the skirt, for example, can give a dress eye-catching style while still being modest and elegant.


While an LDS-approved dress must have a modest neckline, there are several suitable choices. A simple scoop or square neckline is popular, while a slight V can hint at the bride's femininity in a modest way.

Trains and Temples

For a temple wedding ceremony the wedding dress cannot have a train, but it is permissible for the train to be smoothly bustled during the ceremony. This allows brides to choose a gown with a train they can enjoy at their reception and for photographs without jeopardizing the dress code requirements for a Mormon wedding.


LDS wedding dresses must have sleeves. While most brides opt for short, simple sleeves, longer sheer sleeves may also be suitable and can add a romantic touch to the gown with wide bells or tapered wrists.


Dresses for LDS temple weddings must be white, but there are ways that brides can add a touch of coordinating color that is easily removed for the ceremony. Sashes, detachable trains, and pinned ribbons are beautiful and easy options.

Sweetheart Design

A modest sweetheart neckline and lace accents are classically feminine and romantic designs for LDS wedding dresses. Brides must be careful, however, because too many accents may violate temple requirements. When in doubt, consult with the temple officials to be sure the dress will be approved.

Modest Add-Ons

Many brides dream of strapless, sleeveless, or otherwise less modest dresses, and LDS brides can choose their dream dress and still have it be modest with the right accessories. Boleros, lace jackets, and modesty panel inserts are all available to make any dress suitable for a temple wedding.


LDS wedding gowns must be very simple and plain, but a limited amount of embroidery may be acceptable. This can add an elegant touch to help personalize a gown, but brides are advised to consult with temple officials if there is any doubt about the suitability of their dress.

Classic Southern Belle

Lace shoulders and sleeves give a modest dress a touch of southern romance perfect for a spring or summer wedding. If the neckline is elastic, it can also be moved off the shoulder for the reception if the bride wants to be a bit more daring.

Modest Beauty

Every bride is beautiful, but it is important to understand what types of dress designs are not permitted for LDS temple ceremonies. Strapless or sleeveless designs are not suitable, and neither are ivory or colored wedding dresses. Brides who have hearts set on inappropriate dresses, however, can opt to wear one dress for their ceremony and another for the reception. Many temples even have a small selection of suitable dresses available for loan, letting brides choose this option without needing to purchase two separate dresses.

Happily Ever After

With LDS temples around the world, Mormon couples can tie the knot and be sealed for all eternity in the principles of their faith no matter where they plan their wedding. With the right modest dress, any bride will feel beautiful and special on her special day.

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Pictures of LDS Wedding Dresses