Pictures of Head Table Decorations

Highlight the Head Table

No matter what wedding table decorating ideas you have, the head table decorations should be distinctive. The head table is where the bride and groom will sit, and it should be easily distinguished from the rest of the tables at the wedding reception. At the same time, the head table should not be far more elaborate than the other tables or it will seem ostentatious and overdone: balance is the key.

Lighting for Drama

Dramatic lighting draws the eye. Use lighting to emphasize the head table, the cake table or other areas of the reception you want to highlight.

Romantic Decoration

Candles of different heights are a romantic border.

Budget Decor

Greenery is a bold and economical choice.

Lovely Linens

Decorate the linens for more color.


Use contrasting backdrop fabrics for drama.

Floral Frame

Large floral arrangements can frame the table.

Outdoor Head Table Decoration

Choose simple decorations with a bold outdoor setting.

Tiered Seating

Tiers can accommodate a large bridal party.

Perfect Placement

Keep champagne nearby for toasting. Artfully placed food and drink can be aesthetically pleasing.

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Pictures of Head Table Decorations