Pictures of Bridesmaid Dresses

Pictures of Bridesmaid Dresses

When a bride mentions pictures of bridesmaid dresses to her bridal party, many women cringe with images of outdated and garish designs. Fortunately, there are many beautiful dresses suitable for bridesmaids at any event, and a considerate bride will choose a design that is not only suitable for her event, but also one that is stylish and elegant for her closest friends to wear.

Strapless Bridesmaid Dresses

Strapless floor length gowns are one of the most popular bridesmaid dress styles. They are available in a wide range of colors, from bright, bold shades to more delicate, pastel hues. Coordinate dress colors with the season, wedding flowers, and other details for a beautiful palette for your wedding day.

The Little Black Dress

Black is a perfect color for both formal and informal weddings, and bridesmaids will love a bride who chooses a classic little black dress for them to wear. Shorter length, simpler dresses are more affordable and can easily be worn again for other events and special occasions. Add strappy sandals and sparkling accents for even more glamour.

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Modest Options

A more modest bridesmaid dress is often preferred for very religious ceremonies or for more mature wedding parties. Many dresses have coordinating accessories such as shrugs, boleros, shawls, and other wraps that can be worn during the ceremony but removed for the reception if desired.

Colorful Accents

Any bridesmaid dress can be easily accented with a sash or other bits of color that will brighten the gown and coordinate with the wedding colors. This allows brides more unique color choices and a greater number of combinations to personalize the look of their wedding.

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Print Dresses

A short, print dress is the perfect bridesmaid choice for a more casual wedding. These types of dresses are especially suitable for outdoor weddings in the spring and summer.

Match the Bride

Many brides want a coordinated look for their bridal party, and an easy way to do this is for bridesmaid dresses to closely mimic the wedding dress design. A similar neckline, skirt silhouette, sleeves, and design details can make the bridal party dresses blend well with the bride.

Elegant Rear View

During the wedding ceremony, bridesmaids most frequently face the happy couple and have their backs to the majority of the wedding guests. Because of this, it is essential that bridesmaid dresses are elegant and attractive when viewed from the rear. Dramatic backs, flowing scarves, and subtle bows are popular choices.

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Long Sundress

A flowy sundress in a sophisticated length is perfect for a beach wedding bridesmaid dress. Sunny yellow shades are popular, as are other pastel hues. Empire silhouettes are flattering to most body shapes, and longer lengths can conceal many body flaws while flowy fabric is still cool in the sun.

Varied Necklines

A bride who allows her bridesmaids to have some choice over their gowns will have a very happy bridal party. One option is for the bride to choose the dress color and basic style, while allowing her bridesmaids to choose the dress length, neckline style, or other details that they are most comfortable with.

Mermaid Dresses

A mermaid silhouette that hugs the curves but flares below the knees is flattering to many body types. Ruched bodices are forgiving designs as well, and darker jewel-toned colors such as burgundy, black, emerald, and navy are popular for many wedding parties.

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Simple Sundress

A simple, spaghetti strap sundress is a great choice for beach bridesmaid dresses because it is flowy and elegant without weighing down the bridesmaids. Add delicate details to make these dresses stand out.

Light Colors

Many brides shy away from ivory or white bridesmaid dresses, but these can actually be very elegant color choices for a sophisticated bridal party. Despite many brides' fears, white bridesmaid dresses will not be confused for bridal gowns.

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Black and White

A black and white floor length gown is a sophisticated formal option. Sashes, neckline details, hems, and inset panels are popular choices for combining two colors for one lovely gown. In addition to black and white, any neutral color with a coordinating accent shade is a lovely option.

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Pictures of Bridesmaid Dresses