Pictures of Bridal Bouquets

Bridal Bouquets and You

Whether you have one bouquet or two (one to toss and one to save), a few inspirational pictures bridal bouquets could help you in your endeavor to create the perfect bouquet for you. While roses are popular and red and pink are often done, there are many, many more options available. Would you like a small, handheld bouquet or a large, cascading one? Fresh or silk? Should you add baby's breath or surprise pops of color in an otherwise monochromatic bouquet? Wander through our slideshow, take notes, and conjure up the ideal bouquet for your wedding, your dress, and your memories.

Elegant Bouquet

A strong color on the tips of your flowers will look elegant without being overwhelming.

Cascading Bouquet

Try a cascading bouquet for more emphasis on your flowers.

Classic Filler

Baby's breath is a traditional--and beautiful--filler.

Mix It Up

Try a mix of bright pink, red, and white against vibrant green for a summer event.

Add Color

Icy tones with surprise pops of color are perfect for winter weddings. You'll want your flowers to be perfect since they will be in so many of your photographs!

Classic Bridal Bouquet

Red and white roses are classic.

Fun Bouquet

Fun and flirty, try yellow and coral to add spice to warm weather weddings.

Alternative Bouquet

Add in something a little unexpected.

Round Bouquet

Round bouquets featuring pink roses and white daisies are pictures of innocence.

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Pictures of Bridal Bouquets