Images of Three-Tier Wedding Cakes

Square Tiers

There are many different wedding cake designs, but 3 tier cakes are the most popular size. A triple tiered cake has the classic "wedding" look but is not unmanageable. Ot can serve a large number of guests - even more if sheet cakes or wedding cupcakes are added. These 3 tier wedding cake images show the vast variety of cake designs available for this popular and economical size; click on any picture for more wedding cake information and photos.

Shell Themed Beach Wedding Cake

Beachy accents make a perfect addition to a 3 tier cake.

Teal Daisy Modern Cake

Bold colors make a cake creative and eye-catching.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers make excellent accents for tiered cakes.

Rose Christmas Wedding Cake

A tiered Christmas cake with roses is classic and sophisticated.

Crazy One-Of-A-Kind Cake

Be original! It's your wedding, and a unique cake can make it even more memorable.

Simply Elegant Wedding Cake Desi

Elegant cake designs can help reflect the overall feel and theme of your wedding.

Unique Rose Cake with Icing Swag

Details make a difference. Consider accents or designs on the tiers for a special look.

Whimsical Berry Cake

A sweetheart topper and whimsical berries make a sweet ending.

Separated Tiers

You can't go wrong with streamlined separate tiers and classic basketweave buttercream.

Semi Circle Mocha Cake

A spaced stand or other unique placement can jazz up any 3 tier cake.

Cherry Blossom Cake

Use inspiring designs for your tiered cake for a look that strays from the standard.

Fudge and Berries Square Cake

Square cake tiers offer a modern look.

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Images of Three-Tier Wedding Cakes