Gallery of Fall Wedding Cakes

Fall Wedding Cakes

A gallery of bold and unique fall wedding cakes offer bridal couples excellent examples for consideration. Autumn is a time of striking colors and rich flavors. Cake designs can bring these autumn elements into any wedding celebration.

Wedding Cake with Fruit

Fruit adds a unique touch to a buttercream wedding cake - apples and grapes are popular fall choices. For even more autumnal variety decorate your cake with miniature pumpkins, gourds, or whole nuts.

Bright Fall Cake

Fall colors don't have to be dull; accent your cake with bright ribbons, flowers, toppers, and other decorations that coordinate with your wedding colors. This adds interest to a cake that may have otherwise been frosted in basic brown or darker fall colors.

White and Gold Cake

All white cakes are perfect for any season, and a touch of gold blends well with other fall colors. Icing swirls are also reminiscent of falling leaves.

Pretty Pastel Cakes

Not every cake has to feature deep fall colors. Instead, focus on a hue which accents the season, like pale yellow or peach. The soft pastel tones are a pretty alternative to the traditionally dark seasonal colors.

Wedding Cake with Daisies

Daisies in fall hues are a great accent to any wedding cake, and they can be used to add color to each tier. For more variety sprinkle in other flowers in matching colors.

Harvest Colored Roses

Roses are a quintessential wedding flower, and they are a beautiful choice for a fall cake topper in an orange hue. Frost the cake in cream instead of white to provide contrast to the white piping.

Edible Flowers

Add edible sugar flowers and other details to your cake for a traditional design. Reds and golds are perfect colors to choose for a fall wedding cake, or choose a pale pink for a feminine, romantic touch.

Exotic Flower Accents

Exotic fresh flowers can brighten up a fall wedding cake in somber tones. The more exotic the flowers, however, the fewer you should use so they have a powerful impact.

Classic Cake with Greenery

If you don't want to use leaves on the cake table, opt to decorate it with rich greenery such as ferns. Other popular fall options include stalks of grain, corn sheaves, and hay.

Orange Flower and Fondant Cake

Fondant icing is smooth and luxurious, and here it is perfectly accented with a bright pop of autumn orange. For a modern look, choose different types of flowers in the same color.

Ribbon Accents

Ribbons are a simple addition to any cake, and rich chocolate ribbons add extra "pop" to a fall cake. The metallic finish of the middle ribbon adds a luxurious touch.

Chocolate Autumn Cake

Chocolate enthusiasts can choose a cake with ganache or chocolate buttercream that also fits into the fall season. The rich chocolate blends perfectly with the season's color palate. A little greenery and white flowers are all the decoration you'll need.

Vibrant Pinecone Cake

Plan a modern autumn wedding cake by having the decorator frost it in a vibrant blue. Brown pinecones add a rustic touch to this brightly colored cake.

Cascading Leaves Cake

Maple leaves are a true sign of autumn. Instead of having a ribbon or floral arrangement cascading from your cake tiers, add a cascade of fondant or gum paste maple leaves.

Contemporary Polka Dot Cake

Contemporary polka dots can fit into a fall theme when you do them in seasonal colors. This adds a bit of whimsy to your cake, even though your overall theme may be autumn.

Vine Cake

The design on a fall cake doesn't have to be intricate. Instead, consider a simple vine design with elegant table decorations that will make the entire area stand out.

Fall Wedding Cake Stand

Display your cake creatively with a tree-shaped wedding cake stand decorated with fall leaves. Other autumn-themed display options include miniature hay bales or iron cake stands. Having a beautifully displayed fall wedding cake brings your theme together at the reception.

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Gallery of Fall Wedding Cakes