Gallery of Crazy Wedding Cakes

Go Crazy With Your Cake

Crazy wedding cakes highlighted in a photo gallery are a great way to see how wild you can get with your wedding day dessert. Unusual shapes and outrageous colors for wedding cakes are just some ideas you can find. Gallery pictures may inspire you with fun and tasty ways to create a crazy cake design.

Crazy Elegance

A wedding cake with crazy, unique shapes can still be an elegant, sophisticated confection. Designing a crazy cake in black and white captures both the sophistication of a formal affair and the fun personality of the happy couple.

Pillow Tiers

Unusually shaped tiers can add a crazy effect to your wedding cake. Rounded cushion or pillow tiers are a romantic and unique alternative to traditional wedding cake shapes and can be colored in either soft pastel hues or bold contrasting shades.

Fishy Theme

A couple that is very daring may add a crazy theme to their cake, such as using a fish to show how they've made the "perfect catch" with one another. This is also a great option for a bachelor party or groom's cake for an avid fisherman.

Unique Patterns

Adding unique patterns or accents to each tier of your cake will give it a fun and crazy appearance. Stripes, dots, checks, flowers, stars, initials, pin striping, swirls, and lace are popular options. By using the same colors for each tier, you can still have a coordinated wedding cake design even as you go crazy with the decorations.

Tilted Cake

Tilted layers are one of the easiest ways to create a crazy wedding cake. Layers can be cut at unusual angles to "tilt" the cake before it is decorated, or a custom tilted wedding cake stand can be used to hold different layers at seemingly impossible angels.

Crazy Flavors

If you're crazy for fruit, why not add a crazy fruit tart layer to your wedding cake? The beautiful colors of different fruits are perfect for a summer wedding, or you could choose unique fruit wedding cake flavors such as apple, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, or mango.

Can’t Decide Cake

If you can't decide between a vanilla or chocolate wedding cake, have both and give your crazy cake a split personality. By integrating the colors of the cake with the flowers and icing, you can create a beautiful and unique cake design with just a hint of craziness.

Bold Colors

Most wedding cakes are soft colors such as white or pastel shades, often highlighted with bolder contrasting colors. To show your crazy side, opt for a strongly colored cake with unique and busy patterns for a crazy but delicious touch.

Crazy Icing

The icing on the cake can be the craziest part of the design if you choose elaborate swoops, swags, and swirls. Topped with a bold, unique wedding cake topper, your crazy cake will be deliciously memorable.

Crazy for Spring

Pastel colors, unique patterns, and bowed layers can be combined into one unusual and crazy cake design. This type of cake is especially beautiful for a garden or spring wedding, or you can choose colors and patterns to match any wedding theme. Opt for red, green, and white for a Christmas wedding cake; green, purple, and gold for a Mardi Gras cake; or camouflage colors for a military or hunting wedding cake.

Crazy on the Inside

Surprise your wedding guests with a beautiful, simple, classic cake that holds a hidden rainbow to show how you can be crazy on the inside. Confetti cakes are another colorful and fun option.

Crazy Cupcakes

If you choose wedding cupcakes instead of a traditional cake, opt for fun decorations and bold colors to share a bit of craziness. Unique colors, airbrushing, or marzipan decorations can all add distinctive touches to your cupcakes.

Cake Table Craziness

A crazy wedding cake needs a crazy cake table to deliver the full effect. Decorate your cake table with coordinating crazy colors and unique accents such as balloons, figurines, feathers, streamers, and other items to keep the craziness in the décor.

Not Crazy for Cake

A couple who doesn't like cake or wants to be completely different can opt for a crazy cake that isn't cake at all. Donuts, cheeses, fruit, cookies, candy, breads, and countless other types of foods can be tiered similar to a cake and will be just as unique and delicious.

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Gallery of Crazy Wedding Cakes