Examples of Wedding Bouquets

Wedding_Bouquet Ideas

Most brides-to-be search through hundreds of examples of wedding bouquets to find the perfect one to carry down the aisle. By looking through a range of pictures of different wedding flowers, you can see the great variety available and choose a bouquet that matches your personality and adds a beautiful touch to your special day.

Add flair to a classic bouquet with simple beads.


Lilies are sophisticated and elegant.

Long Bouquet

Long bouquets are elegant and trendy.

Berry Accents

Berries are a beautiful accent for fall wedding bouquets.

Simple Bouquet

A simple bouquet is sleek and stylish. An elaborate dress may be overshadowed by a large or ornate bouquet, while a small, simple bouquet may be out of place for a more formal event.

Coordinating Flowers

Coordinate flower colors with your bridal party dresses.

Add Unique Touches

Adding grains is a unique touch for a fall bouquet.

Double Duty Wedding Bouquets

A bridal bouquet can become a reception centerpiece.

Romantic Roses

Classic roses are always popular.

Tulips Wedding Bouquet

Tulips are a unique choice for larger bouquets.

Perfectly Polished

Matching bouquets are picture perfect.

Optical Illusion

Flowing tendrils lengthen a small bouquet.

Add Filler to Make a Full Bouque

Baby’s breath is a useful and delicate filler.

Classic Bouquet

Classic roses and baby’s breath make a beautiful bouquet.

Alternative Bouquets

Unique flowers create an unusual and memorable bouquet.

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Examples of Wedding Bouquets