Pictures of Calla Lily Bridal Bouquets

Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

Once a bride looks at calla lily bridal bouquet pictures, she will quickly realize that this sleek, elegant flower is suitable for a wide range of bouquet types and sizes. While white is the most popular calla lily color, these blooms actually come in a range of hues from red and pink to purple, orange, yellow, peach, and multi-colored flowers that can match any wedding colors. The flowers' large size also makes them an economical choice for bridal bouquets, and their romantic curves are simple and beautiful for a wedding.

Fall Wedding Bouquet

Mixed with roses, daisies, and berries, calla lilies in rich autumn hues are the perfect fall wedding flowers. Adding grains and grasses can also add a touch of fall to a calla lily bouquet.

Winter Wedding Bouquet

Bold red calla lilies are a unique choice for winter wedding flowers. Accent a winter calla bouquet with rich green or bright white for even more seasonal coordination.

Beach Wedding Flowers

The soft curves of calla lilies are reminiscent of waves, making them a popular choice for beach weddings. Add aqua or blue wedding flower accents for a beautiful beach bouquet.

Bold Bridesmaid Flowers

Calla lilies in bright colors are perfect for a bold bride, or they can be a rich choice for unique bridesmaid bouquets to complement a bride's white calla lily bouquet.

Orange Calla Lilies

Orange calla lilies are popular choices for autumn or late summer bridal bouquets. Adding a gold ribbon gives the bouquet a bit of seasonal sparkle.

Single Pink Calla

One or two pink calla lilies makes a soft, romantic accent for bridal portraits, or a casual bride may prefer a simple wedding bouquet with just a few calla lilies tied with tulle.

Floral Symmetry

The large size of calla lilies makes them stand out in bouquets, and arranging them symmetrically draws the eye to the center of the bouquet and its unique architecture.

Colored Callas

Add brightly colored calla lilies to a white bouquet for a pop of color. Sunny yellow shades are perfect for spring or summer weddings.

Burgundy Calla Lily Bouquet

A rich hue such as wine or burgundy is a unique and distinctive choice for a late summer or fall wedding. Add minor greenery and white accents to create a rich and unique bridal bouquet.

Arm Bouquet

The large size of calla lily blooms makes them perfect for a long, graceful arm bouquet if a bride doesn't want a typical round wedding bouquet. Choose bold colors and strong accents for this daring design.

Purple Bouquet

Calla lilies are available in a wide range of colors, including a dusty purple for a unique wedding palette. Other shades include peach, white, yellow, orange, rust, pink, red, and multi-colored blooms.

Pink Calla Lily Bouquet

For a romantic, innocent bouquet, consider a few short stemmed calla lilies in a feminine shade of pink. Add simple baby's breath and one bold leaf for a small but stunning bouquet.

Large Calla Blooms

Calla lilies can be grown exceptionally large and sturdy, and a few simple blooms tied with ribbon can be a striking bouquet for the bride or her bridesmaids. For the best results, choose blooms that will be balanced in the bouquet.

Passionate for Pink

Bright pink calla lilies are fun and flirtatious when combined with several other blooms and buds in similar shades. Mix different flower sizes and textures to create a fun wedding bouquet.

Beautiful Calla Bouquet

Adding extra lily buds and greenery to a calla lily bouquet creates different sizes and textures for a memorable and beautiful bouquet.

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Pictures of Calla Lily Bridal Bouquets