Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

Burnt Orange Dresses


Bridesmaid dresses in a stunning burnt orange give a fall wedding a unique twist. Burnt orange is a rich, luxurious shade suitable for celebrations in late summer or fall. Care must be taken with this unusual color since too much of it can become overwhelming.

Adding touches of pink, for example, can brighten the shade and give it a more feminine hue that is perfect for weddings.

Dark Burnt Orange


The darkest shades of burnt orange are elegant hues for a range of dress styles, but bridesmaids will need to carry bouquets with lighter colors such as white or yellow to balance the darker dress color.

Coordinating Accents


Fall wedding flowers, ruby or amber jewelry, and gold strappy sandals are the perfect types of accessories to highlight burnt orange bridesmaid dresses without seeming drab or dingy.

Baby Doll Dress


Brides who choose a solid burnt orange dress may want to consider fun, flirty styles to offset the heavy hue. A baby doll dress with a crossover bodice is a great look that works well for informal weddings, and it is also reminiscent of swimsuit coverups for a beach wedding.

Flower Girl in Orange


Burnt orange is too dark a color for a young flower girl, but adding a pink or magenta shimmering overlay to the dress will brighten it to a more youthful, fun shade. Other great colors that complement burnt orange include yellow and gold for lighter touches, or cinnamon and mocha for a rich, dark color.

Flowy Orange Bridesmaid Dress


Lighter shades of orange can be just as overpowering as burnt orange, but choosing a dress design with smooth, flowing fabric that will accentuate a bridesmaid's curves will offset the heaviness of the color. Always be sure the bridesmaids will be comfortable in such a form fitting dress, however, no matter what their body shape.

Simply Orange


An orange or burnt orange bridesmaid dress is unique enough to be highly noticeable, and adding huge bouquets or elaborate designs is unnecessary. A simple rose bouquet of complementary peach, pink, or yellow blooms is a lovely accent that matches the dress color perfectly.

Casual Necklines


Because orange is an unusual dress color, adding interesting textural details to the dress will help brighten the shade. A braided neckline, multi-strap sleeves, bodice ruching, and flutter sleeves are all popular options.

Burnt Orange Beach Print


A patterned or print dress with burnt orange accents is a great way to incorporate this luxurious color into your wedding party without overwhelming the palette. A floral print is perfect for beach weddings or outdoor summer celebrations, and the bridesmaids will be able to wear their dresses again on other special occasions.

Add Accents


A solid orange dress, particularly a floor length formal gown, can be visually overwhelming. Lighten the dress with a white or colored sash, shawl, or wrap as well as appropriate accessories.

White and Orange Dress


The easiest way to lighten a burnt orange dress is with a bold white print. Flowers are perfect for beach weddings, while adding a chunky necklace in earth tones can make the dress perfect for a fall wedding.

Burnt Orange Separates


Bridesmaid dresses don't have to be dresses at all. Choosing a cream colored skirt with a burnt orange pattern, paired with a formal halter top in a lighter orange or gold shade, is the perfect way to coordinate this lovely fall color with flair.

Other Orange Options


If burnt orange bridesmaid dresses just aren't right for your bridal party, consider orange bouquets such as calla lilies, roses, daisies, or other luxurious fall blooms against neutral dresses. Black, gold, yellow, or brown bridesmaid dresses are lovely choices that easily coordinate with burnt orange flowers or other accents.

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Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses