Beach Themed Wedding Cupcakes

Bride and Groom Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a fun, tasty, and affordable alternative to traditional wedding cakes, and there are many beautiful and creative beach themed wedding cupcakes to choose for your sandy celebration. Classic designs such as bride and groom iced cupcakes are popular at any wedding, or couples can choose more unique options.

Tropical Flower Cupcakes

Adding an edible icing flower to each cupcake immediately ties it in to the wedding flowers. Choose a simple bloom that is used in the beach theme wedding bouquet such as a plumeria flower or other tropical touch.

Sea Life Cupcakes

Your wedding can be an under the sea fantasy with sea life cupcakes. Marzipan seahorses, fish, starfish, shells, and other aquatic touches in beach or water colors are perfect and easy accents for beach themed wedding cupcakes.

Nutty Starfish

Arranging toasted or candied nuts in a starfish pattern is a subtle way to tie in your wedding cupcakes to a beach theme. Another easy option is a simple wave pattern.

Aquatic Colors

For a bold beach wedding, choose wedding cupcakes in bright beach colors. Aqua, teal, blue, sea green, and coral shades are all popular, or pastel light blue, pale pink, or sandy tan shades can be more subdued options. Chocolate sprinkles on top of the cupcakes are reminiscent of sand.

Key Lime Cupcake

If you're getting married on a beach in the Florida Keys, why not opt for a key lime cupcake? Other tasty options that work well with tropical beach weddings include mango, citrus, and coconut.

Sugared Flowers

Real edible flowers coated in sugar are a delicate and beautiful addition to beach wedding cupcakes. Take care that the flowers are appropriately cleaned, however, and choose blooms that coordinate with your wedding décor.

Beach Display

Adding tropical foliage and palm fronds to a cupcake stands brings an instant touch of the beach to your wedding cupcakes. Other options include using shells, tropical flowers, or a sandcastle as unique accents to decorate the cake table.

Citrus Cupcakes

The sharp flavors of orange, lemon, and lime are perfect for a summer beach wedding. Instead of traditional cupcakes, show off the tang of these treats with jellyrolls or other designer options topped with candied fruit.

Fruit Tarts

Fluted cupcake pans add scalloped edges that resemble shells to your treats, while kiwi, strawberries, and other tropical flavors are perfect for any beach celebration,

Shark Fin Cupcake

A whimsical option for beach themed wedding cupcakes is to use chocolate decorations in the shape of shark fins, particularly if sharks will be featured elsewhere in the wedding decorations, such as a wedding in an aquarium. Chocolate can also be shaped as starfish, shells, or waves for other beach accents.

Fish Cupcakes

Fun fish figures can adorn colorful wedding cupcakes for a festive beach theme. In addition to fish, seahorses, crabs, sea turtles, and mermaids are silly choices for a relaxed, casual wedding.

Pearl Flowers

Elegant wedding cupcakes can be decorated with simple icing flowers around a central pearl or silver bead for a bit of oceanic sparkle and romantic flair.

Something Blue

A light blue icing is a delicate and beautiful choice for beach theme wedding cupcakes. With a distinctive color choice, no other decoration is necessary for these delicious cupcakes.

Volcano Cake

While a molten chocolate cake is not strictly a cupcake, this is an elegant and decadent option for Hawaiian weddings with a beautiful volcano backdrop.

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Beach Themed Wedding Cupcakes