Beach Themed Wedding Bouquets

Beach Wedding Bridal Bouquets

Wedding bouquets for a romantic beach themed wedding often reflect the colors, textures, and nautical elements of the sea. This creates a beautifully coordinated event. Fortunately, there are many beach wedding flower options suitable for a wide range of different beaches, wedding formalities, and wedding colors.

Exotic Tropical Flowers

Exotic blooms in bold, bright colors are perfect for a summer beach wedding. Larger flower arrangement can also be used to decorate the altar, palm trees, deck railings, and other landscaping accents for a coordinated and festive setting.

Beach Roses

Rose bridal bouquets are popular choices for all types of weddings. Adding rich foliage to frame the bouquet instead of lighter ferns is a great way to coordinate with a beach theme. Palm fronds are another popular choice.

Plumeria Bouquets

Plumeria is a simple, fragrant, and beautiful flower that is often used for beach theme wedding bouquets. Different colors of plumeria blooms can be used for both the bride's and bridesmaids' bouquets for matching elegance.

Bridal Lei

Some brides may choose to forgo a bouquet altogether and instead wear a wedding lei coordinated to their wedding colors. Pinning a matching bloom or two into a wedding hair style is a romantic and tropical touch.

Coordinating Flowers

Simple flowers in a bridal bouquet, such as plumeria or lilies, can be coordinated with table centerpieces, floral hair wreaths, and wedding arches for a stunning setting for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Blue Beach Flowers

Your wedding bouquet can be your "something blue" for a beach wedding, and a rich blue hue and soft, curving blooms will continue the water and waves theme into the wedding decorations. Other options include wrapping a bouquet's stems with blue satin or ribbon, or adding trailing ribbons to the bouquet.

Plumeria Cascade

Plumeria blooms can be wired together into a simple cascade bouquet shape, giving a classic bouquet design a distinctly tropical feel. Palm fronds, miniature leis, and other large tropical blooms can also be used to create cascades.

Pretty in Pearls

Adding pearls to a beach theme wedding bouquet gives it an instant touch of the sea. Pearl pins, faux pearl strands, or larger pearl clips can be used, or some brides may choose small shell pins or similar accents.

Calla Lilies

Calla lily bridal bouquets are popular for beach weddings because the soft curves of the flowers mimic the smooth sand and gentle waves. While white is one of the most popular shades, calla lilies are available in a wide range of colors to match any wedding palette.

Conch Shell

Bold brides may choose to carry a conch shell in lieu of a traditional wedding bouquet. The shell can also be used as a holder for a small, simple bouquet that brings together land and sea in a beautiful and unique way.

Tropical Flowers

Many tropical flowers are larger and more unique than classic wedding flowers. Choose just one or two unusual blooms, such as this round protea, for a unique and eye-catching beach theme wedding bouquet.


Simple wildflower bouquets accented with grains or sea grass are a rustic and colorful option for summer beach weddings. These types of bouquets can be carried by the bride, bridal party, or both.

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Beach Themed Wedding Bouquets