Pictures of Colored Wedding Dresses

Gallery: Colored Wedding Dresses

Colored wedding dresses are often chosen from pictures. When selecting a colored gown, you should consider your hair, eye and skin color. Will the color highlight all of these? Will the color go with the rest of your wedding color palette? This includes bridal jewelry, wedding flowers, wedding decorations, and the overall wedding color scheme. Study the pictures of different colored wedding dresses to get a better idea of the styles you like.

Colored Accents

A colored waistline is a delicate detail. While some brides prefer the traditional white gown, many others are adding colored accents or full color dresses to their wedding attire.

Colored Embroidery

Black embroidery is a modern touch on a classic dress. Options for color include sashes, embroidery, beading, inset colored panels in the skirt, colored or patterned corsets and bodices, or colored trim on the gown's neckline, hem, or train.

Blue in Your Bridal Gown

Your dress could be your something blue. Colored wedding dresses are stylish and can be bold and bright for a daring bride or softly subtle in pastel hues for a more demure choice.

Coordinate Color

Coordinate your bridal jewelry and headpiece with the dress color.

Dress with Colored Bodice

A patterned bodice is an unusual touch.

Neckline Color

Color on the neckline is a popular option.

Colored Train

A colored train is a bold choice.

Soft Color

Colored embroidery can be subtle.

Red Colored Wedding Dress

A full color dress can coordinate with your bouquet.

Go Gold

Gold is a stunning color for wedding dresses.

Grecian Inspired Dress

Add a Grecian waistband for feminine flair.

Bright Dress

Pink wedding dresses are popular.

Casual Colored Gown

A colored prom gown can be a casual wedding dress.

Punk Gown

Punk wedding dresses are often colorful.

Interested in other colorful wedding dresses? Check out Pink Wedding Dresses for soft, romantic shades.

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Pictures of Colored Wedding Dresses