Pictures of Beach Wedding Dresses

Beach Gown Photos

Pictures of various styles of beach wedding dresses are a great way to determine the perfect one for a beach environment. When choosing a beach wedding dress, you want one that's comfortable and practical when walking down a sandy aisle.

Classic Strapless

Strapless wedding dresses are a popular style for beach-going brides, but be sure you are comfortable in this type of dress before baring your shoulders.

Mermaid Skirt

Show off your curves in a mermaid style dress with a flowing train for a fresh take on beach fashion.

Aqua Colored Dress

A simple colored wedding dress in an oceanic color such as sea foam green, teal, aqua, or light blue is elegant and unique. Beaded sandals make the perfect footwear for this sandy style.

Bare Some Skin

Daring brides may want to show some exquisitely tanned skin on their wedding day with a sarong set instead of a traditional beach wedding dress.

Simple Scoop Neck

A simple wedding dress with a scoop neckline is a classic design that is just as perfect for the beach as it is for any other dream wedding location.

Light Layers

Light layers of flowing fabric can symbolize the waves at a beach wedding ceremony, and they can flatter many different types of figures.

Sandy Accents

A colored hem and bodice with taupe shades and wavelike patterns is perfect for an elegant beach wedding dress.

Bohemian Style

Embrace a barefoot bohemian style with a simple flowing dress and manicured toenails instead of wedding shoes.

Tea Length Wedding Dress

A tea length wedding dress is a practical option if your toes will dangle in the waves on your wedding day.

Simple Elegance

Many beach brides, particularly for second weddings, opt for simple sheath style dresses that could be worn again for another formal occasion.

White Sundress

Instead of a wedding gown, opt for a casual white sundress for your casual beach wedding. Accented with a simple ribbon for a bit of color, this dress is a practical and comfortable option.

Scalloped Hemline

A scalloped hemline on a more formal beach wedding dress is a tasteful detail that reminds guests of the sand and waves. A beige color will also blend well into the surroundings so the dress coordinates beautifully with the setting.

Sandy Cinderella

Beach brides can choose Cinderella wedding gowns with a ballroom skirt, but remember that a dress with no train or a shorter train is a more practical choice for beach ceremonies.

Beach Wedding Bliss

Whatever dress you choose, if you say your I do's on the sand in a comfortable, beautiful dress that fits you well, you'll feel like the most beautiful bride on the beach.

Remember to coordinate your beach wedding dress with the groom's attire and your bouquet to ensure you get the look you're after.

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Pictures of Beach Wedding Dresses