Simple Wedding Cakes with Fresh Flowers

Cascade flowers are popular.

Simple wedding cakes with fresh flowers can be elegant, minimalist confections that are a beautifully sweet way to celebrate a couple's union. With many styles to choose from, couples are sure to find a fresh flower cake to complement their wedding festivities.

Tips for Decorating Cakes with Flowers

Decorating wedding cakes with fresh flowers is not as easy as it may seem. The couple, along with their baker and florist, needs to consider issues of safety and presentation when coordinating this type of floral motif.


Before simply scattering fresh flowers over a tiered wedding cake, couples should be aware that not all flowers are suitable adornments. Some flowers are highly toxic and can make guests ill if they are consumed, or even if some of the pollen, oils, or other partofthe flower contaminates the cake's icing. Furthermore, flowers that were grown with heavy amounts of pesticides can also contaminate cakes, even if the blooms themselves are innocuous. To safely decorate cakes with fresh flowers:

Square Tier with Orchid
  • Choose blooms that can safely be used around food.
  • Use hidden plastic picks to hold the blooms; never insert floral stems into the cake.
  • Instruct caterers serving the cake to remove flowers and not put them on guests' plates to minimize any potential problems.


To keep fresh flowers looking their best when displayed on a wedding cake, consider these tips:

  • Choose flowers that coordinate well with the wedding décor, perhaps matching the bride's bouquet or the wedding reception centerpieces.
  • Ask whether the baker and florist can coordinate the cake flowers or if a member of the bridal party will need to deliver blooms to the bakery.
  • If possible, use stem picks with small water reservoirs to keep blooms fresh.
  • Keep flowers chilled prior to decorating the cake, and keep the cake chilled as long as possible to prevent wilting.

Ideas for Simple Wedding Cakes with Fresh Flowers

Tiers of Roses

A simple cake can look distinctive and luxurious when decorated with fresh flowers, but despite a minimalist approach, there are many ways to decorate the cake beautifully, including:

  • Cascades: This is one of the most popular ways to use flowers on a wedding cake. Starting either at the top or near the top of the cake, the flowers cascade down the sides in a smooth curve or spiral. Straight cascades can be used, or multiple cascades can be added to larger cakes for a lovely floral decoration.
  • Between Tiers: Separating a cake's tiers with layers of colorful blooms is an elegant way to add fresh flowers to even the simplest of cakes without overdoing the design. If the tiers are not spaced apart, flowers could be used to line the crease where the tiers connect.
  • Scattered: Larger flowers look best when simply scattered around the wedding cake in an artful way. This is especially effective when the cake is smaller and would be overwhelmed by large numbers of flowers, or if the flowers themselves are unusual and distinctive. Adding flower petals can also add floral detailing without needing too many blooms.
  • Floral Toppers: Many couples create beautiful simple wedding cakes with fresh flowers by using blooms as a colorful wedding cake topper. On a larger cake, a floral topper could be combined with the traditional bride and groom figurine piece, or figurines may be displayed on the cake table or omitted altogether.
  • Cake Table Decorations: Another way to combine simple cakes with lovely fresh flowers is to use the flowers to decorate the cake table rather than the cake itself. This can eliminate any potential safety concerns about the toxicity of the flowers while still adding floral beauty to the cake. Bridesmaids' bouquets, rose petals, and floral garlands are popular options for decorating the cake table.
Decorating the Cake Table

Fresh Flower Alternatives

Some couples prefer to avoid using fresh flowers on their wedding cake but still want the beauty and elegance of floral decorations. Fortunately, bakery artisans can create stunningly lifelike flowers from marzipan, sugar paste, fondant, or gum paste that can be as intricate and realistic as true blooms. Couples should be aware, however, that these faux flowers require considerable expertise and labor, which can drastically increase the wedding cake price, particularly if many flowers are required. More affordable options include using silk wedding flowers on the cake or using egg whites and crystalline sugar to add a touch of edible sparkle to real flowers.

Simplicity is Key

Simple Floral Topper

Adding flowers to a wedding cake adds drama, beauty, and color, and it is important not to overwhelm the cake's design with additional details such as elaborate icing, extravagant colors, unique shapes, or unusual designs. To highlight the flowers, a simple round tiered cake is best, with icing to coordinate with the color of the flowers - generally white or ivory icing is best. Simple details such as icing dots or small embellishments can subtly add more intricacy to the cake, but too many details can be overwhelming and garish.

Simple wedding cakes with fresh flowers can be a gorgeous centerpiece of a wedding reception as well a delicious dessert for the happy couple to share with their guests. With many styles to choose from and dozens of blooms that can be stunning decorations, there is a way for every couple to incorporate beautiful blooms into their wedding cake designs.

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Simple Wedding Cakes with Fresh Flowers