Silk Rose Petals for Weddings

Red silk rose petals for a wedding

Silk rose petals are a nice touch for weddings. You can add decorative floral accents throughout your wedding celebration with soft rose petal touches in varying colors.

Uses for Silk Rose Petals

Silk rose petals can be used throughout your wedding. Often cheaper than freeze dried petals, and with no chance of bleeding onto wedding attire or fingers like real petals, they make a great option for accenting wedding accessories. And unlike real petals, you do not have to worry about them wilting or turning different colors before you walk down the aisle.

Typically, petals are strewn about the aisle before the bride walks down. This can be done by the flower girl as part of the processional, or by an usher before the ceremony begins. Flower petals are often used as table decorations, encircling reception centerpieces. Incorporate the petals into other areas of your wedding, such as:

  • The Invitations: Place several petals inside your invitations, creating a cascade when the guests open them.
  • The Ceremony Exit: Have baskets of petals near the front of your ceremony location. When you exit for the reception, guests can toss them over you in lieu of birdseed or rice. Be sure to have someone designated to pick up petals after you have gone.
  • The Reception Centerpieces: Add petals not only on the table around the centerpiece, but to the piece itself. For example, let petals float in a bowl of water alongside rose-shaped floating candles.
  • The Cake and Table: Scatter petals around the cake table and even drop them over the top of the cake for a simple but elegant decoration.
  • The Favors: Use silk rose petals to decorate wedding favor boxes.

Make the most of your wedding budget and use rose petal accents throughout your wedding. Silk petals can be used again and again for other events such as the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner, a post-wedding brunch, or for Valentine's Day decorations, or even sold after the celebration has ended.

Buying Silk Rose Petals for Weddings

Silk rose petals around a wedding centerpiece

Shop for silk rose petals at local craft and art supply stores, such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Buying used silk flower petals from online auctions can make them even more affordable. If you want quality silk petals, your wedding florist may be able to order or recommend various brands.Discounts are often given when you purchase larger quantities of the rose petals, so look for this option when buying online. Find silk rose petals for weddings at these retailers:

  • Grab petals in quantities up to 10,000. Also available are confetti sized petals and floating silk petals.
  • Petal Garden: Over 70 colors of petals are available, and bulk discounts apply. Pick up a value pack of 20 colors, with 1,000 petals, for under 18 dollars.
  • Save on Crafts: Grab popular wedding colors in smaller quantities from this craft retailer.
  • My Rose Petals: Get two-toned petals, single colors, packs of multiples, and more from this online shop.
  • Red, yellow, white, cream, and pink petals can be purchased here.

Specialty Silk Rose Petals

Using silk flower petals does not mean you are stuck with white, ivory, pink, or cream colors. As mentioned above, a number of retailers have many colors available, even metallic tones. Two-toned petals in colors like lime and lavender add a punch of color to summer and spring weddings. Even red and green two-toned petals can be found for a Christmas wedding.

For a more authentic feel to your petals, pick up scented silk petals from online stores like Tanya's Bath and Body. Or add your own rose scent to petals by tossing them with a little rose essence in a plastic bag and drying.

Consider getting specialty rose petals that are shaped, such as in a butterfly or heart. These kinds of petals can add a touch of whimsy to your wedding.

Silk rose petals for weddings can be used in a number of creative and attractive ways, and with the wide range of options available at affordable prices, they are a wedding decoration every bride should investigate.

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Silk Rose Petals for Weddings