Shot Glass Wedding Favors

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Shot glass favors make memorable keepsakes for your wedding shower or rehearsal party guests. One of the most collectible types of glassware, shot glass favors for your wedding are available in all types of styles and colors. You can customize this type of wedding favor to make it a prized keepsake.

Types of Shot Glasses

Many couples initially assume that shot glasses are all the same, but that is not true. There are many styles, colors, and configurations, and knowing which basic type will fit the mood of your wedding is the first step toward designing appropriate shot glass wedding favors.

  • Basic Shot Glasses: These are the classic round, 1.5-2 ounce shot glasses with uniform thickness. These are the least expensive and most common type used for favors.
  • Shooter Glasses: These shots are taller, thinner, and slightly larger than classic shots.
  • Flared Glasses: Both classic shots and shooters may be flared around the lip while tapering to a narrower base.
  • Square Shot Glasses: These are usually the largest type of shot, often up to three ounces. The larger size may allow greater customization.
  • Thick Bottom Shot Glasses: These glasses have a distinctive thick base, frequently scalloped or ridged for added visual effect.
  • Colored Glasses: Many shot glasses can be colorized, either in a solid, uniform shade (perhaps to match the bridal party dresses), or with a gradual gradient down the sides of the glass. Blue is the most popular choice, giving couples their symbolic "something blue."
  • Ceramic Shot Glasses: Instead of a clear or translucent glass, a ceramic glass is a solid color and can have more delicate customization that will still be visible.
  • Frosted Glasses: Frosted shots are wistful and elegant without creating a solid color.
  • Shaped Shot Glasses: Specialized shot glasses can be found in a variety of shapes, from miniature steins to cowboy boots, barrels, or other wacky motifs, perfect for western wedding favors or other themes.

Customizing Shot Glass Wedding Favors

Once you've chosen the basic type of shot glass you would like to use for a favor, the next step is deciding on potential customization. There are many ways to make a shot glass a unique wedding favor memento, including:

  • Imprinting the glass with the happy couple's names, the wedding date, or a special sentiment.
  • Adding clipart or graphics such as bride and groom clipart, hearts, a cake, doves, crosses, palm trees, leaves, a monogram, or even a unique, individualized image.
  • Choosing a font or ink color to match other wedding reception decorations.

Many couples, however, forgo personalized wedding favors and instead focus on the presentation of the shot glasses to make a statement. This may be more considerate for the guests, since they are unlikely to reuse an engraved glass, but a plain shot glass can make an elegant favor if it is stylishly presented.

Presenting Shot Glasses

There are many ways to dress up even the plainest shot glasses to make them classy and sophisticated. One popular option is to use a basic round shot glass as a candle holder for tea lights or votive candle wedding favors, perhaps in a special scent, matching color, or wrapped with a personalized tag. Shot glasses can also be filled with any number of small items, such as chocolate candies or kisses, birdseed or rice for tossing, classic almonds, or flower seeds. Gel candles or sand scenes can even be created directly in the glass. The glass can then be wrapped in organza, tulle, or tissue and tied with a ribbon for a pleasant package.

Buying Shot Glasses

Shooter shot glasses for wedding favors

Depending on the size, style, personalization, and specific merchant, shot glass wedding favors run from $.50 to $4 each. There is usually a minimum quantity requirement, which may be as low as 12 glasses or as many as 48. Most companies also charge a screen fee for personalization - a flat fee that will cover all the glasses, so long as they are identical. When ordering customized shot glasses, allow extra time for the personalization and for possible corrections if there are any printing errors. After you have received your order, check each glass for chips, cracks, or sharp edges that could be dangerous.Most wedding supply stores offer a basic selection of shot glasses, and craft or candle stores may also have different varieties on hand. Online retailers that feature a wider selection include:

Alternative Glassware Favors

For some couples, shot glass wedding favors just aren't the right choice. In that case, there are many other glassware options that can be used as wedding favors, such as wine goblets or champagne flutes, bud vases, hurricane party glasses, ceramic mugs, martini glasses, steins, or brandy snifters. Some couples even choose to use these larger types of glassware as groomsmen gifts, bridesmaids' gifts, or just to distinguish the wedding party.

Shot glass wedding favors may at first seem boring or common, but there are many types of glasses to choose from with almost endless customization. With a bit of creativity, these popular wedding favors can be just as unique as the bride and groom giving them.

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