Wedding Decorations for Second Marriages

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Choose wedding decorations appropriate and ideal for a second wedding the same way you would a first marriage. You can plan and decorate your second wedding quite easily without worrying you're breaking any etiquette rules.

Décor for a Second Wedding

Wedding décor for a second marriage does not generally differ from that of a first wedding. Second time brides and grooms, therefore, can decorate their ceremony and reception with any flowers, vases, non-traditional centerpieces, and other décor that they like. Most of the wedding decorations you'll need for your special day can be purchased wherever wedding and party supplies are typically sold, regardless of whether it is your first time walking down the aisle.

However, if you're looking for items specifically intended for second marriages, consider:

Ceremony Decorations

  • Unity candle: Spotlight your ceremony with a family centered unity candle. Exclusively Weddings offers a family unity candle decorated with the names of the bride, groom, and their children. This candle recognizes that the wedding is a second one by giving a nod to the blending of two families.
  • Personalized ring bearer pillow: Show off your family member's names on the ring bearer's pillow. To Have and To Hold offers ring bearer pillows that can be monogrammed. Monogramming can include all family member's names, including children, to recognize the unity of two separate families.
  • Wedding program: Let your program explain new relationships. Minted offers unique and customizable wedding programs. Make the day truly reflect you and your fiancé and your backgrounds by identifying the major players in the wedding. For example, if you are still close with your former family, your program might say: "Mrs. Smith, former sister-in-law of the bride." Alternatively, you could say: "Mr. John Jones, son of the groom." Add a sentence or two about what they mean to you. This will help guests get a feel for who everyone is in the extended family being joined together by the wedding.
  • Accessories: Wear your new family tree proudly. Favorite Jewelry sells a family tree birthstone pin that recognizes all the members of the new family created by the marriage by including each individual's birthstone. Both the bride and groom can wear the pin on their outfits or the bride can pin it to her bouquet. Alternatively, the Family Medallion from The Wedding Outlet symbolizes the joining together of two families through a specially designed necklace. Give one of these medallions to each family member during the ceremony to recognize the special blending of two groups of people that the wedding creates.

Reception Decorations

  • Monogramed Vases
    Head table: Use vases to recognize your new joint relationship. The Monogram Merchant offers monogrammable vases. On these vases, consider using the initials of your last name and your new, joint initial. This will pay homage to your separate lives and also to the joint life you are beginning together. Place them on the head table near the bride and groom.
  • Floral centerpieces: Use floral arrangements to show family members' personality. Have each member of the family choose a specific type of flower and place an arrangement consisting of that flower on different reception tables. Beneath each, indicate which family member, whether the bride, groom, or a child, created the arrangement and why. Consider using a plain white menu card to hold this information, such as the White Flat Cards from Fine Stationary.
  • Menu cards: Let each dish speak for itself. Wedding Paper Divas allows you to customize your menu card. This means that you can identify each dish as being a favorite of a particular family member. For example, if the salad you're serving is the groom's favorite, consider stating: "Adam's favorite salad, consisting of ....". This personalizes your wedding and gets all participants, such as children, involved.
  • Monogrammed Silver Classic Frame
    Monogrammed Silver Classic Frame
    Framed centerpieces: Identify each table as "belonging" to a family member by placing a fun or pretty photo of him or her on the table. Engrave a frame with the family member's name and the date of the wedding, using a frame like the monogrammed silver classic frame from The Pink Monogram. These frames could also be used to decorate the cake table or ceremony area.
  • Table decorations: Customize a family tree template with all the new family member's names, print, frame, and display at the reception area. This will not only add décor to your reception, but identify the celebration as one of bringing two families together.

Decorating on a Tight Budget

Since many second time brides and grooms pay for the entire wedding on their own, the budget may be a concern when searching for decorations. However, a second wedding can be a beautiful and memorable affair without spending a lot of money on décor. Ways to reduce the expense of wedding decor for a second wedding include:

  • Using silk wedding flowers instead of fresh arrangements: Silk flowers are less expensive than real blooms and can be used again, meaning that your expenditure doesn't literally go into the trash at the end of the night.
  • Wedding chairs with balloons
    Using inexpensive decor: Non-traditional décor, such as a bouquet of balloons and a sprinkling of confetti, create a festive and family-friendly look that won't break the bank.
  • Decorating with what you already have at home: Framed photos that you have in your house make excellent decorative accents. For example, you could create a display filled with framed photos of you, your children, and your future spouse together and use it as a decorative addition to the guest book or cake table.
  • Doing it yourself: Making your own decorations, such as centerpieces for reception tables, is a great way to save money while creating a customized look for your wedding. If you have older children from a previous marriage, asking them to help you with your wedding decoration projects is a great way to get them excited about the blended family you are creating. Wed Craft has links to several different wedding decoration projects, including floral arrangements, centerpieces, and general party décor.

Decorating for Your Second Wedding

When it comes to a second wedding, there are no specific rules about what you can and cannot use as décor. However, there are many decorations that can be incorporated into a second wedding that symbolize the unity of two families or a couple. These items pay homage to the new relationship created by the marriage.

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