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Sample Wedding Day Toasts

Amy Hoover
Toast the couple

A sample of a few great wedding day toasts can inspire you to finally tackle writing yours. A toast is nothing more than a short speech. You can easily modify examples of wedding speeches to reflect your feelings as the best man, maid of honor, parents of the bridal couple, bride, or groom.

Be Inspired by Sample Bridal Toasts

Use a sample wedding day toast to begin writing your own toast. No matter what your role in the wedding is, use a short generic toast that is perfect for jumpstarting your own toast at the wedding. The italicized wording marks places where you can personalize the toast for the wedding. This easily helps you turn a sample toast into a customized speech, worthy of any bridal party member from the best man to the maid of honor to parents.

Best Man Toast Example

Good evening, everyone. Tonight, we are all here to honor Bride and Groom. As the groom's best friend/brother/cousin, I feel honored to be standing next to him on such an important day in his life. We have gone through so much together in life, and I cannot imagine being anywhere but here on this special occasion.

Discuss one to two memories for a few minutes.

Groom, you have such a love of life, and I am so happy that you have found a wife to share that love with for the rest of your days.

Talk about specific traits of the groom and the bride.

Tonight, we celebrate the union of our two wonderful friends, Bride and Groom. Let us raise a glass in high hopes of happiness for many years to come!

After applause, introduce the maid of honor for her speech.

Maid of Honor Sample Toast

Thank you, Best Man. As Best Man said, we have gathered to honor the wedding of Bride and Groom. Bride has been such a wonderful friend/sister to me throughout the years, that I cannot in good conscience let her marry anyone who does not deserve her - and Groom, you more than deserve Bride.

Include specific reasons why you are happy about the nuptials, such as personality traits or a specific incident from their relationship.

These two people have committed themselves to one another today, and I know I consider myself a lucky person to be honored by being included in their wedding day. This is truly an occasion to celebrate, so let's raise our glasses and toast to a life full of love. Congratulations, Bride and Groom!

Toasts From the Couple's Parents

Today, I am honored to count Bride/Groom as a member of my family. I have watched Bride/Groom grow from a small baby to making his/her way into the world.

Talk about a couple memories from childhood of the bride or groom.

Of course, I realized that Bride/Groom was no longer a child when she/he met the person seated next to him/her at the table. Bride/Groom came into my son/daughter's life and has not only loved my child as I did, but helped him/her become the person s/he is today.

Incorporate a few specific traits of the couple's relationship that stand out.

Your love is obvious to anyone who looks at you. We all have faith renewed in love as we gazed upon you two tonight. Your mother and I/We love you both forever. Congratulations!

Bride and Groom Toast the Guests

After everyone else has finished giving their wedding toast, the bride and the groom may stand and say a few words. This is usually a much shorter toast than those by the bridal party, and should include heartfelt thanks to the bridal party, parents and guests who helped them in their lives and with the wedding itself.

Sample Toast

Today, we are honored to stand before all of you and pledge our love to one another. Our lives have only been enhanced by the love brought into it by all of you. We especially want to thank our parents for everything they have done.

Bride and groom each take the microphone and separately thank parents.

We also want to thank everyone who has helped us on our journey together.

List anyone who has made the day possible, such as clergy members, special relatives or friends.

Finally, we want to thank everyone who has come out today. We know some of you traveled long distances to be here and we thank you all for your sacrifice to celebrate with us. You all are truly special to us, and we would not be here without everyone in this room.

Thank you all for your love and generosity. We love you all. Cheers!

Customize a Wedding Reception Toast

Customizing a sample wedding toast is a great way to spark additional thoughts, some touching and some humorous, that will truly personalize the toast you plan to give at the wedding. Write down a few thoughts and practice giving the speech, and it is sure to go off without a hitch.

Sample Wedding Day Toasts