Romantic Places to Elope

Beaches are romantic destinations.

The romantic places for a couple wanting to elope make this understated wedding memorable and special. The eloping couple can find the privacy and romance they desire through various sources.

Defining Romance

The first key to finding a romantic place for an elopement is to define what actually makes a place romantic. While the definition of romance may vary from person to person, certain characteristics are generally considered essential for romance, including:

  • Privacy: For a couple to share special moments together while eloping, a sense of privacy and intimacy is essential. A crowd of hundreds or thousands - even if they aren't connected to the couple - may diminish the personal nature of the location. An isolated mountain cabin, a deserted beach, a quiet hotel suite, a couples-only or no children resort, and other private venues are great choices for a romantic elopement.
  • Togetherness: Most couples elope in order to focus on their time together, and a romantic location will encourage the couple to spend time together without distractions. A private Jacuzzi, couple's massages, a candlelit table for two, activities designed for couples to share, scenic hiking trails, and other things the couple can enjoy together can help make their elopement a romantic one.
  • Uniqueness: Choosing a unique type of elopement can help make the occasion romantic as well as memorable. This may mean a unique destination where the couple will not be surrounded by other recently married or eloping couples, or it may simply be a location new or unique to their relationship and experiences. Themed bed and breakfast rooms, exotic foreign destinations, or unusual options such as getting married in the restaurant where the proposal took place are all ways to incorporate uniqueness and romance into the destination.
  • Romantic Touches: The smallest details can help make a location romantic. Blooming flowers, bubble bath, an iced bottle of champagne, decadent chocolates, soft music, and starlight are just a few details that can turn even ordinary destinations into romantic locations.

When considering what defines romance, it is critical to discover what is romantic to both the bride and the groom. While one person may revel in privacy, another may become restless and bored quickly. A unique, new destination may be exciting to one person but unsettling to another. Because eloping is a very intimate decision, the couple should carefully discuss different places to elope and what makes them romantic long before booking travel plans or setting a wedding date.

Finding Romantic Places to Elope

Romantic destinations for eloping couples can be found nearly everywhere, from local gardens and cultural centers to exotic foreign locales in far away countries. After a couple decides what will make their elopement romantic and special, they can review a number of different resources for finding just the right wedding destination.

  • Wedding Planners: Many wedding planners offer advice and consultations about elopements as well and can suggest romantic destinations for couples to consider.
  • Romance Packages: Resorts, hotels, cruise ships, and other popular destinations often feature romance, honeymoon, or destination wedding packages that can easily be adapted for an elopement.
  • Magazines: Featured destinations in bridal magazines or travel magazines often list multiple resorts that are more than happy to arrange romantic getaways for couples to elope.
  • Honeymoon Spots: Popular honeymoon destinations are great options for romantic places to elope, and they often feature many amenities perfect for couples to share as they begin their life together.

General Suggestions

If a couple has no idea where to start looking for romantic eloping destinations, consider the following suggestions:

  • Cruise Ships: Many ships offer romance, honeymoon, and wedding packages.
  • Mountain or Beach Resorts: Whether you prefer to ski or swim, you can find a fabulous resort in the perfect location.
  • Bed and Breakfast Inns: Themed rooms, elegant décor, and intimacy are always available at these unassuming destinations.
  • Luxury Hotels: Spa treatments, fine dining, and superior service are great additions to a romantic elopement.
  • Scenic Destinations: Breathtaking views of beaches, waterfalls, mountains, canyons, gardens, and islands are perfect settings for about-to-be newlyweds.
  • Popular Large Cities: New York, Paris, San Francisco, Hong Kong, London, and other famous cities offer many fabulous locations to elope as well as all the luxuries and amenities a couple could hope for.

Make Any Destination Romantic


No matter where a couple chooses to elope, a few simple touches can make it a romantic location. Adding a dozen roses or other favorite flowers to a regular hotel room can make a romantic statement, and arranging for a massage, carriage ride, private tour, or other activity to share is a romantic gesture. Adding a personal note, poem, or song adds instant romance anywhere, and couples can also exchange private, meaningful gifts to commemorate their special elopement.

Just like with beauty, romance is in the eye of the beholder, and romantic places to elope can be anywhere if the couple truly considers what makes a place romantic for them and how they can make the destination special. Whether it is a quiet, isolated getaway or a vibrant, memorable destination, the key is to remember that the romance is what is happening between the couple as they commit to their life together, no matter where they may speak their vows.

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