Ring Bearer Gift Ideas

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Choosing the Perfect Ring Bearer Gift

Choosing the right gift for a ring bearer can be a difficult task, especially if the boy you've selected to be your ring bearer isn't someone you see on a regular basis. However, the following tips should help make the job easier:

  • Remember to choose an age appropriate gift. Don't give anything breakable or dangerous to a toddler and avoid overly "babyish" items for an older boy. If you're shopping online for a ring bearer gift, read the product description to look for age recommendations.
  • Consider asking the ring bearer's mom for information about her son's hobbies and special interests. You don't want to give a sports-minded gift to a boy who prefers to play with toy trains.
  • If you're ordering a personalized gift or an item of clothing, double check your facts. There's nothing more embarrassing than giving a gift that's the wrong size or decorated with a misspelled name.
  • Don't be afraid to involve the groom in the task! Men can be surprisingly good at choosing a gift for your ring bearer. After all, they were once little boys too!

Gift Ideas

Today's couples have a wide variety of ring bearer gift choices. There are sentimental gifts and practical gifts, as well as a number of collectible piggy banks and sports-themed items.

Sentimental Keepsakes

If your ring bearer will be too young to have a vivid memory of the occasion, a sentimental keepsake might be the most appropriate choice. For example:

Practical Gifts

Would you prefer to give a ring bearer gift that the recipient can use on a regular basis? The following gifts are practical, yet fun ways to show your appreciation:

Piggy Banks

Children are never too young to learn about the importance of saving money. Encourage financial responsibility and reward your ring bearer for his services with a new piggy bank. Here are some popular choices:

  • If your ring bearer dreams of flying high in the sky, treat him to a helicopter bank.
  • He can start saving for a real Harley in his own motorcycle bank.
  • Little boys who love Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars will appreciate a car bank.

Sports Gifts

Sports gifts are often a hit with young boys. Consider the following ring bearer gifts for the sports fan:

Ring Bearer Gift Ideas