Ribbon Bridal Bouquet

Pin cushion and ribbons for making satin roses

Bridal bouquets for rehearsals made from ribbons are popular choices. Brides use leftover ribbons and bows from engagement and bridal showers to create a beautiful ribbon bouquet. The bride carries this bouquet at the rehearsal and can later use it for the toss bouquet. Crafty brides-to-be often make a bouquet from ribbon roses that look as elegant as a live floral bouquet and will keep forever.

Rehearsal Ribbon Bouquets

Instead of throwing away all of the elegant ribbons and bows on bridal shower and engagement gifts, save them for using in a bridal bouquet. A rainbow of colors works just as well as saving only the white or wedding colored bows; alternatively, brides with a lot of bows can even create ribbon bridesmaid bouquets to carry down the aisle at the rehearsal.

Gift bow saved for a faux rehearsal bouquet

To make a rehearsal bouquet, follow these simple steps:

  1. Save all the ribbons and bows from wedding gift packages.
  2. Sort into like colors or shapes.
  3. Arrange on a paper plate, starting with large bows and ribbons in the center or with similar colors or shapes arranged in a pattern.
  4. Glue the arrangement onto the paper plate.
  5. After the plate has dried, glue a small cardboard handle to the back for carrying.
  6. Repeat for bridesmaids' bouquets (optional).

Carry the completed bouquet down the aisle at the wedding rehearsal. Not only is this an environmentally friendly way of reusing the decorative accents from presents, but it will create cute photographic memories from the rehearsal itself. Brides with a budget may find that if they put a little more effort into this bouquet, it will work nicely as a toss bouquet, with no cost to them.

Rose Ribbon Bridal Bouquets

Fine silk ribbon for a bridal bouquet

Make a faux ribbon bouquet out of roses crafted at home, instead of buying silk flowers. These roses can be used in anything from bouquets to boutonnieres to floral centerpieces and reception décor.Simple ribbon roses can be made two ways. One is to use a "fold and roll" technique. There is a tutorial for this technique on the Jones Design Company website. The other is a gathered rose technique demonstrated by the craft supplier Save-on-crafts.com. More detailed instructions for completing an entire bouquet made of sewn ribbon flowers are outlined in a video by Guide Central.

Use the same type of ribbon but in varying colors, or even use multicolored ribbons for a more colorful look. Bunch the ribbon roses together and tie with a contrasting or complementary colored ribbon or a different fabric. Ribbons can be left to dangle or be tucked back into the wrap and pinned.

Ribbon Bouquets For Receptions

Ribbon bridal bouquets can do double duty by serving not only as a hand bouquet, but as part of reception décor. Place the bouquets into a display holder that clamps onto the head table.

Centerpieces for guest tables can be made out of ribbon roses or out of shredded ribbon roses. Shredded ribbon bridal bouquets for receptions are made by doing the following:

  1. Shred length of ribbon (between 6 and 8 inches long), leaving at least ½ inch of ribbon intact on both ends.
  2. Vertically fold the ribbon so that the ends are touching.
  3. Fold the shredded ribbon horizontally.
  4. Use floral tape or wire to attach ends underneath the "bloom."
  5. Tape to a green wire, adding silk or ribbon leaves as necessary.
  6. Arrange in vase with other accents.

Multiple colors and accents can contribute to the overall look of a themed wedding. Completed vases can be given away at the end of the evening to persons who helped decorate the reception.

Incorporating ribbon bouquets into the rehearsal, wedding ceremony, and reception is a great way to save money on purchased bouquets, whether faux or live. Crafty brides and helpers can make ribbon bridal bouquets months in advance of the wedding, letting them cross one more thing off their long to-do list.

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