Rhinestone Tiaras and Bridal Headpieces

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Tiaras and bridal headpieces that feature a large rhinestone or a series of these sparkling stones are a glamorous accessory to a bride's wardrobe. The rhinestone tiara or headpiece should complement the bride's hairstyle while accenting her gown.

Rhinestone Tiaras

Tiaras have become a more trendy option for headpiece jewelry in the last decade. Bridal tiaras can be as tall and ornate or as small and simple as a bride wants.

When choosing a rhinestone tiara, take the following factors into consideration:

  • How elaborate is the rest of my jewelry? Choose a small and low tiara if you have a fancy necklace or bold earrings, like the Nicollette Swarovski tiara from USA Bride. If you plan on wearing simple jewelry, a tiara that resembles a crown, like the Magnificent Tiara from Princess Bride Tiaras, will make a statement.
  • What style of wedding am I having? There is a large selection of bridal tiaras to choose from making it simple to find one that matches your gown or wedding theme. For example, a bride with a butterfly wedding theme may find a tiara with butterflies in it. Another option is to choose a tiara with another design embedded into it. Advantage Bridal carries a rhinestone tiara with a center floral burst design.
  • Does my gown have color accents? You may want to select a tiara that has colored stones to match the accents in your dress. USA Bride carries a Blue Tiara Headband with blue stones and clear rhinestones done in a single crystal vine design.
  • What kind of hairstyle will I have? Choose an extravagant, large tiara to complement a big fanciful updos such as the Queen of Hearts from Princess Bride Tiaras. Smaller, more delicate tiaras complement an extensive range of looks, and can be worn with curly or sleek updos or even with some down styled hair.

Bridal Headpieces

Rhinestone hair clip

Tiaras are not the only kind of headpiece you can find with rhinestones. Rhinestone accents can be found on:

Another unique accessory is the rhinestone snap. Snaps are a fabulous way to add some sparkle to your hair without going overboard. They are simply a small stone with a snap backing. The look achieved is like you have small gemstones simply floating throughout your hairdo. Simple stones or flowers look nice in most hairstyles.

To Veil or Not

Bridal veil

Wearing a veil is a personal choice. Just because you wear a rhinestone tiara or bridal headpiece does not mean you cannot also wear a veil. Your veil may actually come attached to a rhinestone studded comb or tiara. If not, you can always add one to the top of your head or underneath your updo.

If you want to add some glamour to your veil, choose one that has rhinestones in it. They can be scattered, or part of a floral or scroll patter, or simply line the edge of the veil. A veil with a few rhinestones can complement a larger headpiece, while a veil with a more intricate rhinestone design would look nice with simple barrettes or combs.

Bridal Party Rhinestone Headpieces

Flower girl with tiara

Rhinestone tiaras and hair jewelry is not only for the bride. A small rhinestone flower girl headpiece with a similar style to the bride's can make the bridal party look well dressed.

While tiaras for bridesmaids are inappropriate, you can buy other rhinestone hair accessories for them. Colored rhinestones to match their dresses or the main flower colors look nice. Barrettes and pins are good choices for bridesmaid hair pieces without going overboard.

Give your bridal party members jewelry gifts and include matching hair accessories as part of it.

Extra Special Touch

No matter what kind of rhinestone tiara or bridal headpiece you choose for your wedding day hairdo, it will add extra class to your bridal look and your party. Choose a tiara or headpiece that will complement your gown and reflect your personal style.

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