Redneck Wedding Cake Ideas

Redneck wedding cake with carp bride topper

It can be fun to create a casual, humorous wedding celebration, and redneck wedding cakes can add a touch of hilarity to your lighthearted event. With many designs to choose from and delicious flavors to sample, a redneck cake can be a great addition to your wedding menu.

Redneck Celebrations

A redneck theme wedding is a fun choice for a casual affair. It can be a unique theme for a country wedding, or couples may choose a redneck theme to poke fun at their own short engagement with a "shotgun" approach. It is important, however, to keep a redneck theme in perspective: if overdone, it can quickly become distasteful and offensive. Rather than using a variety of different redneck touches, subtle accents can hint at the theme without being overwhelming. A redneck cake, then, can be a delicious centerpiece for a fun and festive theme.

Designs for Redneck Wedding Cakes

There are many options available for beautiful redneck inspired cakes, whether you want a bold redneck theme or a more subtle style. Popular choices include:

  • Hunting or fishing cakes, perhaps depicting scenes or decorated with "trophy" catches.
  • Cakes crafted from artfully arranged treats such as Ho Hos or other snack cakes rather than gourmet sponge cake. This is a fun alternative to cupcake wedding cakes.
  • Cakes with abstract colored patterns, such as plaid or camouflage coloring.
  • Strong redneck themes with detailed decorations, such as a NASCAR cake, motorcycle cake, tiered beer cans, or a Confederate flag.
  • A wedding sheet cake in an appropriate redneck theme, rather than a more formal tiered cake.
  • Misspelled words, such as deliberately misspelling the couple's names or the word "congratulations" on the side or top of the cake.
  • A cake that isn't cake at all, but is meat, such as a tiered meat loaf or stacked steaks. This is a fun and unique choice for couples who don't care for cake.

Additional Details

The overall design of the cake can have a redneck theme, but the beauty of a wedding cake is in the details. By creating a cake design with even the smallest themed details, you will have a much more memorable cake.

  • If the cake will have pillars, avoid the plain white columns that are common with all cakes. Instead, decorate the pillars to look like logs or rifle barrels. Similarly, edge the cake with icing that looks like rope or other matching accents.
  • Opt for chocolate icing that will look like mud or dirt rather than white icing. This works especially well for hunting-themed cakes.
  • Choose a funny wedding cake topper with a redneck theme, such as a pair of wedding deer, a shotgun bride subduing her groom, a couple on a motorcycle or ATV, a "just married" pickup truck, or other humorous designs.

Redneck Cake Flavors

While the exterior design of redneck wedding cakes is most important to convey your theme, adding southern flavors to the cake is a fun way to add another taste of redneck to your celebration. Popular flavors include:

  • Classic red velvet cake with cream cheese icing
  • Vanilla cake with a pecan ganache filling
  • Chocolate wedding cakes with liqueur fillings, especially brandies

Serving Your Cake

How you serve your wedding cake is just as important as how it looks. While many brides and grooms prefer a certain decorum and formality with the ceremonial first slice of cake and the first bites they feed to one another, a redneck couple is more likely to use a meat cleaver or a butcher knife to cut the cake, and cake smashing is a must. Serve larger wedges of cake to your guests instead of delicate thin slices, and for a fun and economical choice, serve the cake on paper plates with plastic utensils rather than on formal china.

Done appropriately and with tongue-in-cheek humor, redneck wedding cakes can be a fun addition to your reception menu. With a range of designs, flavors, and styles available, there are many ways to incorporate a taste of redneck flair into your wedding festivities.

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Redneck Wedding Cake Ideas