Red Rose Wedding Cakes

White wedding cake with red roses

A red rose wedding cake is one of the most elegant and refined choices a couple can have for their reception dessert. Roses are classically beautiful flowers and practically universal symbols of love, so they're especially fitting as wedding cake decorations.

A Perfectly Romantic Wedding Cake

Although particularly suitable for Valentine's Day weddings, red rose wedding cakes look beautiful at any time of year. They complement any other flower and any wedding cake flavor, from red velvet to chocolate. Beyond their classical look, roses are extremely versatile. There are a deceptively large number of design choices that highlight them, so it's easy for brides and grooms to be as picky as they like when nailing down the final design.

Red Rose Wedding Cake Design Ideas

If you have a unique or custom design in mind, talk it over with potential decorators. Make sure to give plenty of advance notice. You'll be able to gather price quotes, see examples of decorators' past work, coordinate rose delivery with your florist, and hammer out a final design choice with the decorator you eventually hire. Keep in mind that red roses come in many shades, from pale pink blushes to deep maroons, and that varying shades can complement particular cake decorations and frosting colors.

Single Rose: Don't underestimate the impact that a single rose can have on a wedding cake of any size. Using a rose as a cake topper is common, and it's especially beautiful on a level cake that doesn't have any pillars or tiers. For a unique look, keep the rose stem and leaves intact and lay the entire flower across the top of the cake. Single roses work very well for intimate weddings that feature compact cupcake displays or small round cakes.

Two tier cake with roses

Rose Petals: Rose petals are synonymous with romance, so scattering them across the layers of your cake and around the reception display area will give your dessert an immediate visual connection with love. Combine the petals with a few full roses for a more organized look, or keep full flowers on the cake and simply scatter petals around the dessert.

Cascade: A cascade style wedding cake traditionally features a small bundle of flowers at the top of the cake and includes more flowers that trail down the tiers to the bottom. Cascade cakes are a popular option when incorporating any type of flower, but they look particularly striking with red roses. Enhance the visual appeal of the cake by requesting pure white or off-white frosting, and use either a curving or snaking cascade pattern. Although red rose cascades are normally seen on round cakes, they also look fantastic going down the corners of tiered square cakes.

Sugar Roses: A red rose wedding cake doesn't have to come with fresh flowers. If you'd prefer that the whole cake be edible, ask your decorator to make sugar roses with fondant or gum paste. The edible flowers will jack up the final price of the cake, but they're an amazing way to showcase the artistic and ornamental skills of a truly talented decorator. A few can go a long way, but you can also choose to have the whole cake covered in roses or include large bundles of them between tiers.

Cupcakes: Ordering wedding cupcakes tends to be more affordable than getting a full sized cake, and the tiny individual desserts can be just as beautiful. Top simple cupcakes with large buttercream roses, a single fresh red rose, or a small spray of fondant roses before arranging the cakes in a cupcake tree or cupcake stand.

Red Rose Cakes Add Elegance and Sophistication

Whether you want a custom cake or a design that's strictly traditional, it's evident from their popularity that red roses can help enhance any type of pattern. Roses present a gorgeous color contrast on traditional white cakes, they emphasize true elegance and sophistication, and they're an affordable way for any couple to add flair to their wedding dessert.

Red Rose Wedding Cakes