Poems to the Bride

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Give poetry as a gift to the bride.

Wedding day poems to the bride are often a keepsake, to be treasured for years to come by the lucky bride who receives a heartfelt sentiment in verse. Typically, the poem comes from the groom, although sometimes a mom, mother-in-law or close friend may also prepare a poem in honor of the bride-to-be.

Romantic Poems to the Bride from the Groom

It is often the groom who gives the gift of poetry to his wonderful bride. For men who have trouble expressing their feelings on a daily basis, a poem is sure to be a precious gift to the bride. This is a great way to honor her, especially if the groom has a knack for writing. Grooms who aren't wordsmiths can always choose a poem that has a special meaning to the bride or their relationship together, such as a poem from a book of poetry he gave her or one he read during their courtship.

A wonderful way to present the poem to the bride from the groom is to include it in a card along with a gift from the groom to the bride. Have the father of the bride, best man or maid of honor give the bride the gift before the wedding ceremony begins. The bride is reassured that her groom does not have cold feet and she will walk down the aisle to her new husband full of joy.

Grooms can also recite a poem as part of romantic wedding vows. This is a perfect time for him to honor the woman he loves in front of every guest, friend and family member present. It is truly a great proclamation of love.

Finally, some grooms may not want to give the bride a poem in front of the entire guest list, but do not want to put it in a card, either. For these grooms, giving the poem to the bride during the wedding rehearsal dinner is an excellent compromise between the two situations.

More Poetry Gifts to the Bride

The groom is not the only person who may give a gift of poetry to the bride.

Shower Hostesses and Guests

The bride may begin getting poems as early as a bridal shower. Hostesses often have variations on bridal shower words of wisdom set up during the party as an activity for guests; often a poem is written or included by someone who is offering advice to the soon-to-be married woman.


Mothers, step-mothers and mothers-in-law may also plan to give the bride a poem. Moms and step-mothers might include a poem with the something blue handkerchief. If they participate in the "something borrowed" tradition, they might also include a poem in part of the note, explaining why they chose the particular borrowed item. Mothers might also want to let their daughters know how much they mean to them and express their feelings before sending them down the aisle, and a poem is an excellent way to do so.

The mother of the groom may choose to give the bride a poem to welcome her into the family. This may be done after finding out about the engagement or during any one of the festivities. It could also come on the wedding day, during a special moment between the two women.

Close Friends or Relatives

Sometimes close friends or relatives, especially those who have been near to the bride throughout her life or during her relationship, want to give the bride something special on her wedding day. A cherished aunt or best friend from high school often want to acknowledge the bride's many accomplishments and give her warm wedding wishes on the big day through poetry.

Giving poems to the bride on her wedding day is a tradition that is actually a precious gift. The wonderful feelings expressed in the poem, whether original or not, are sure to be valued by the bride for many years to come.

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Poems to the Bride