Planning a Bridal Shower

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When planning for a Bridal shower you need to consider where to host it, invitation designs, shower theme, food, favors, entertainment and games. You can start planning for a bridal shower as soon as you lock down the date and time.

Planning the Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is usually hosted by the matron-of-honor or by a close family friend on the bride's side. On rare occasions in the past, an immediate family member would host one, but it was not as acceptable back then. Now it is more acceptable for this to be done and welcomed. The shower can be done months in advanced and as late as a few weeks before the wedding date. When planning for the time and date of the shower, you may want to plan for weekend afternoon to accommodate the bulk of your guests who work during the week.

Invitations and Invites

When planning a bridal shower, the invitations should be sent a week to ten days in advance. It's a good idea to get cards where notes can be written on them. This gives a place for contact information, just in case a guest is looking for directions to the place where it is hosted or advice for a gift. It's a good idea to check where the bride has registered for gifts at the local stores so you can pass on the information. Immediate family, close friends and the members of the bridal party should be in attendance at the bridal shower. It's a good idea that everyone there has been invited to the wedding itself.

Themes and Decorations

Setting a theme for the bridal party can be interesting. A master theme runs through everything from start to finish; from invitations and plates, games that will be played that day and even the favors given out. Most people these days are going with a more practical theme like a house cleaning party. A large bucket is placed on a table and the guests are encouraged to bring a household cleaning item. A gift theme such as linens or kitchens, can be useful to a new bride. The decorations should match the theme of the party.


Planning the catering for a bridal shower is simple; all you need are a few finger foods and some refreshments to serve to the guests. The food and refreshments at a bridal shower should be light and refreshing. Having chips and vegetables with some different types of dips in various spots throughout the room make it easy for a guest to have a taste. Small finger foods like sandwiches, pickles and cheese are a great thing to serve. Fruit platters, cupcakes and ice cream make for a sweet snack. These foods can all be placed on a bridal shower sweets table with small dishes and some napkins so a guest can have something to eat whenever they feel like.


Bridal shower favors are a wonderful idea to be given out at the party as a keepsake for everyone in attendance. The perfect favor says thank you in a personal way. Scented sachets, exotic teas with a heart shaped tea infuser, and body and bath accessories leave the guests with pleasant reminders of the day. Decorated bud vases in the bride's colors with chocolate or a silk bud, or a personalized mint tin is something they will have for the years to come.

Entertainment and Games

Games are a great way to break the ice and to help everyone interact. There are many great games to play that are not too risqué and can be enjoyed by everyone. It's a good idea to have three, maybe four games planned for that day. Don't forget to give a prize at the end of each game that fit with the style of the party and game played! Keep in mind the theme of the party and pick games that fit in with the theme. Games prove to be very entertaining for every at the party.

Alternative Places to Hold a Bridal Shower

An alternative place to hold a bridal shower can be in restaurant, local lodge or a cozy café. A girl's night out on the town like catching a movie and going out for drinks afterwards has become increasingly popular these days. A bridal shower is not strictly held in a house anymore. No matter what you do or where you go, when you are planning a bridal shower, plan to have fun!

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Planning a Bridal Shower