Pink Wedding Bouquets

Pink Wedding Bouquets: Roses

Choose from the many shades of pink bouquets for your wedding flowers. Pink is a popular nuptial color synonymous with romance. From pale pink to dark wine, there are an endless range of hues and multiple flower varieties to style the perfect wedding bouquet.

Classic pink roses are often the bridal bouquet preference. Two-toned roses with delicate pink tips introduce pink in a soft and subtle way.

Calla Lilies

Calla lily bridal bouquets are popular because of their soft lines and smooth shapes, and bright pink callas are a striking choice for a pink bouquet. Softer pastel hues and callas with pink centers are also available.

Dark Pinks

Darker pink shades such as magenta and maroon are rich, sultry color choices for pink bouquets. Combined with more classic hues such as medium and pastel pinks, a multi-toned pink bouquet can be a luxurious option for brides to carry.

Pink Tulips

Tulips are a popular spring wedding flower, and come in both pastel and brighter pink shades. A hand-tied bundle of tulips adds a burst of color to the wedding flowers without losing the simple elegance of the tulips' shape.

Pink Orchids

Orchids are an exotic, luxurious wedding flower available in a range of pink shades, from fully pink blooms to white blooms with delicate pink centers. When using such an unusual bloom, avoid mixing too many flower shapes or colors together that could detract from its uniqueness.

Pink Lilies

Pink tiger lilies are a bold, tropical choice popular for beach brides with a pink wedding palette. These are angular flowers that work well in large or small bouquets with natural ferns, grasses, and other unique textures and shapes.

Pink Daisies

Gerbera daisies are popular wedding flowers for their large size, range of colors, and innocent appeal. In the pink palette, gerberas are available in both pastel and bright shades, and they work well in mixed flower bouquets or single bloom arrangements.

Pinks and Reds

A bold bride might want to carry flowers with a range of pink and red hues as well as different shapes, sizes, and textures. Combining calla lilies, roses, and small berries is a great way to maximize both color and texture in a pink bouquet.

Pink Carnations

Carnations are simple, aromatic flowers that come in a range of shades from pastel pink to darker pink to white flowers tipped with a bright magenta. Bound together into a simple round bouquet, carnations can be a lovely option for a bride, bridesmaid, or flower girl, and they can be accented with pearls or crystals for even more elegance.

Fall Pinks

A fall bride doesn't have to avoid pink for her wedding bouquet. Rich, bold pink shades combine well with red, orange, and gold for a colorful palette of fall wedding colors that can be a beautiful burst against an ivory wedding dress and dark chocolate brown or black bridesmaid dresses.

Pastel Roses

Pastel colors are popular for many brides, and light blush pink roses can be paired with soft ivory roses for a classic bouquet in gentle, romantic colors. This type of two-tone bouquet also ensures that the pink does not overwhelm the wedding palette.

Pairing With Pink

For brides who prefer multiple colors in their bouquet, there are many other shades that work well with pink: green, purple, blue, and yellow are all popular options that can create a vibrant, luxurious bouquet with strong pink overtones.

More wedding bouquet options include:

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Pink Wedding Bouquets