Picking Wedding Colors

What colors are right for your wedding?

Picking the colors for your wedding impacts your choice of wedding ceremony and reception decorations. This should be the easiest part of your wedding planning, but picking colors can devolve into a state of confusion and uncertainty. A few tips can lessen the stress when it comes to choosing wedding colors.

Favorite Colors

Choosing colors based on the bride and groom's favorite colors is an easy fix, but sometimes the colors don't mesh well together or just don't translate into the type of wedding the couple wants to have. For example, if the bride's favorite color is hot pink, yet the groom prefers a deep forest green color, this combination would clash and make for a bizarre combination.

In some cases a compromise can be reached. Perhaps the bride can pick the primary color for the wedding party's outfits while the groom selects the primary color for decorations. As long as the colors go nicely together then there is no reason why this method shouldn't work well.

Consider the Season

Although not everyone plans wedding colors according to the season, there can be something particularly delightful about using seasonal colors at a wedding. For example, a winter wedding might feature dark red or rich green colors while an autumn wedding might have colors that mimic the same colors of the leaves falling off the trees during that season.

Don't choose colors that neither you nor your partner likes just to match the season in which you are married. Picking wedding colors should be something you do to reflect your personal tastes as a couple, and not merely a reflection of the time of year in which you are married.

Consider the Surroundings

You want to make sure that the wedding colors you choose are conducive to the place you exchange vows. For example, a beautiful outdoor wedding in a colorful garden could certainly merit cheery yellows and other bright colors, but these same colors in a dark church may seem incongruous.

On the other hand, take care to not match your wedding colors too closely with the décor of the wedding place either. If you are marrying in a chapel sanctuary comprised mainly of dark browns, a matching dress color for the bridesmaids may turn into a very washed-out look where the dresses seem to get lost in the décor. You want to be sure that the colors you choose for the wedding will look good not only during the wedding ceremony, but also for the photographs - including being worn by attendants who may have a variety of skin colors and complexions.

Veto Power for Picking Wedding Colors


Brides and grooms quickly realize that the planning stages of a wedding ceremony reveal how well they can get along with each other even when they disagree. Choosing wedding colors is no exception, especially when the bride and groom have completely different ideas of what the colors should be.To simplify things - and to make sure that an agreement is actually reached - the bride and groom should give each other absolute veto power over a color suggestion. The reason for this is because the wedding ceremony is for both the bride and groom, so one person should not have to walk down the aisle bearing a bouquet or wearing tuxedo accoutrements that are a color they hate. A compromise should be met to where both the bride and groom are content with the wedding colors.

Whether the couple wants to give veto power to anyone else - such as parents paying for the ceremony or the wedding party members who will have to wear the color on their outfits - is up to them. Picking wedding colors will be a much simpler task if not too many people are involved in the decision making process.

The colors you choose for your wedding are important, but try to keep your eye on the ultimate goal: getting married. The discussion you have with your partner regarding picking wedding colors shouldn't evolve into a heated argument. Remind yourself that regardless of the color of the flowers, dresses, and everything else, the important thing is that you are marrying the person you love.

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Picking Wedding Colors