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Bridal purse

Bridal purses that are personalized are a valuable accessory for every bride. A personalized purse ensures the bride can stow necessities she may need while coordinating it with her wedding gown.

Why Carry a Purse?

Just like a regular purse, a bridal purse is meant to hold various necessary and emergency items the bride may need during the long day of preparations, hair and makeup appointments, photos, and celebrating. Small mishaps - smeared makeup, a broken zipper, a headache - can put a big damper on this special day, and a well stocked bridal purse will include all the necessary emergency supplies, such as:

  • Makeup for touchups, including lipstick or gloss, waterproof mascara, and nail polish
  • Safety pins
  • A needle and small spool of thread in the bridal colors
  • Aspirin or other pain relief medication
  • Band aids
  • Bobby pins for hair style touchups
  • Small nail file
  • Breath mints
  • Compact mirror
  • Tissue or handkerchief
  • Menstrual pad or tampon

Many brides also choose to carry something sentimental or symbolic in their bridal purses, such as a picture of the groom, a photo of a deceased parent or friend, or a small keepsake or good luck charm. By having these types of items readily available, brides can quickly resolve most unexpected emergencies - including emotional moments - without excessive hassle.

Types of Bridal Purses

There are many purse styles that can become a beautiful personalized bridal purse for a soon-to-be wife to carry. Popular designs include:

The style a bride chooses to carry should fit her personality and the formality of the wedding, as well as provide enough space to hold whatever supplies may be necessary. Some brides choose to have multiple purses, perhaps a coordinated one for the wedding ceremony as well as a larger, more practical bag for the reception or to use when leaving for the honeymoon.

Ways to Personalize the Purse

While any simple white purse can easily coordinate with a bride's attire, a more personalized bag is often desirable because it blends well with the overall detail of the wedding dress and other accessories. There are many ways to create a personalized bridal purse, including:

  • Colors: Choose a color to match the gown or the bridal party dresses for a coordinated look. The fabric of the purse may be colored, or colored accents such as beads, ribbons, or other embellishments may be added.
  • Monograms: Adding the bride's married monogram to the purse is an elegant way to personalize the bag. If the bag is reversible, it may be possible to put her maiden monogram on one side and her married monogram on the other so it can be switched after the wedding ceremony. If the full monogram won't fit, use a simple initial instead.
  • Fabrics: Bridal purses come in several types of fabrics, from cotton to matte satin to fine silk. Generic bags can also be covered in any desired fabric, and choosing cloth that matches the wedding dress - similar lace or tulle, for example - adds sophisticated coordination to the purse.
  • Accents: Elaborate accents can be added to a bridal purse to personalize it for the wedding. A piece of lace, a rosette that matches the bridal colors, a butterfly, or other themed details are quaint touches.
  • Embroidery: Embroidery is an easy way to personalize a purse. Add the bride's name, the wedding date, the location, or just the word "bride" to the purse to add a more personal touch than a plain bag.

Where to Find a Personalized Bridal Purse


While a crafty bride may be able to personalize her own purse, many brides are too busy with more elaborate wedding preparations to attend to this type of detail. Fortunately, there are many retailers that offer personalization services with their purses, including embroidery, monograms, color choice, and more. Retailers offering personalized bags include:


A personalized bridal bag may cost as little as $10 for a simple style or more than $50 depending on the type of fabric, the bag's size, and the personalization requested. Brides can save money by opting to personalize the bags themselves by adding a bit of ribbon, color, or other accents.When buying a bag, brides should check any personalization costs and times before ordering. Some manufacturers may require several weeks to personalize a bag and enough shipping time should be available before the wedding so there is no last minute rush.

Carrying a Bridal Purse

Once a bride has her personalized purse and has stocked it for the big day, it can be a challenge to carry it elegantly. Most brides opt to give the purse to their mother, maid of honor, or another trusted guest to hold during the wedding ceremony. Other brides may choose to carry it discreetly with their bouquet; a coordinated purse can look very elegant as part of the ceremony. Larger bags should generally be left with an attendant during the ceremony so they do not cause awkward shuffling or distractions.

A personalized bridal purse is the perfect place for a bride to stash any emergency supplies she may need for the big day. With many different options for styles and embellishments available, it is possible to find beautiful purses that make lovely accessories for a well-equipped bride.

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