Peacock Themed Wedding

Amy Hoover
bride with peacock feathers

Stunning sapphire, emerald green and bright yellow are the vibrant colors in a peacock wedding theme. This theme adds a dash of stylish flair to a traditional wedding without overpowering it.

Locations for Peacock Weddings

A peacock theme is the perfect supplement to a destination wedding in Sri Lanka, India, Java or Myanmar, the native areas of the peacock, according to National Geographic. Choosing the peacock as the theme is a way to incorporate native nature into an outdoor wedding in another country.

Peacock themes are also perfect in zoos, botanical gardens or other venues outside. The colors and style of a peacock wedding makes for a unique outdoor wedding. If you choose a wedding reception hall indoors with peacock décor, choosing the peacock theme makes decorating for the wedding easy.

While renting an actual peacock to be brought to your location might sound like a good idea, it is best to check with local animal authorities before attempting to do so. It may not be permitted at the location and there may be consequences to having a wild animal around guests, especially small children. If you like the look of peacock birds, you can purchase stuffed peacocks from toy stores or zoo gift shops to place strategically around the wedding venue.

Planning a Peacock Wedding Theme

The bird itself and its feathers are excellent ways to incorporate the theme into different elements of the wedding.

Peacock Birds

Plan a peacock theme wedding by using the bird itself in everything. A simple embossed outline of the bird on the wedding invitations and thank-you notes showcases the theme from beginning to end of the festivities. The peacock can also be placed on save the date cards, wedding programs and printed menus.

Look for a wedding card basket that has a peacock shape for guests to place their cards inside. Small peacock ornaments can be tied to wedding pew bows or within wedding reception centerpieces. Peacock ornaments also great wedding favors for guests to remember the occasion.

Peacock Feathers

Peacock feathers are a stunning addition to many aspects of a wedding. Feathers make quite a statement, so use them sparingly to create a lavishly themed wedding. Include feathers in these areas:

floral bouquet with feathers
  • Unique bridal bouquets, such as a fan of peacock feathers
  • Wedding day hairstyles for the bride and bridesmaids
  • As part of boutonnieres
  • In wedding reception centerpieces, with feathers sticking up from floral arrangements or scattered around candles
  • Covering a bridal arch at the ceremony or at the reception
  • Within a swag of white or colored feathers that surrounds the head table
  • Hung on lattice, gates or from columns behind the head table
  • Scattered around the wedding cake

The peacock can also grace the wedding cake design, whether it is a small topper in the shape of the bird or beautiful feathers hand painted onto the cake.

Brides who truly want to get into the peacock theme can even do fantasy makeup on their eyes and face that resembles peacock feathers. However, this might be best left to a trash the dress session rather than the actual wedding day.

A peacock wedding theme begins with a vibrant wedding color palette and includes lavish elements that together create a mod, chic wedding for the 21st century.

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Peacock Themed Wedding