Outdoor Wedding Dresses

Outdoor Wedding Dresses


Most wedding dresses are suitable for an outdoor ceremony. However, you need to consider the time of year, temperature and type of outdoor venue before purchasing any wedding gown.

A simple spaghetti strap dress is perfect for an outdoor venue with vibrant colors, like a garden. The simplicity of an a-line dress also helps brides stay cool in warmer weather.

Winter Wedding Dress


Although somewhat rare, some brides do choose to get married on a winter day outside. While the ceremony is short, it is nice to wear a heavy faux fur coat or cape to stay warm. Remember to provide plenty of heavy blankets for your guests, too!

Lightweight Flowing Dress


A wedding on a lake, near a dock or at the beach calls for a flowing dress. Baring a little skin is more acceptable at an outdoor wedding, especially in the heat of the sun. The cut of the skirt mimics waves in the water, making it perfect for this location.

Cold Weather Layers


In cooler weather, a heavier dress with cascading ruffles and multiple layers is the perfect choice for an outdoor wedding. A shawl and gloves compliment the style of the dress.

Outdoor Theme Dress


Just because you are getting married outside does not mean you have to forgo a theme wedding dress. Choose one that not only matches your theme, but also is lightweight and has some flow, making it easy to walk outside. This dress is perfect for a wedding at a castle or a Renaissance wedding.

Short Outdoor Dresses


Short wedding dresses offer you a casual but chic option for staying cool during an outdoor wedding in hot, humid weather. Accent it with a fun hair accessory and dress the bridesmaids in short dresses to compliment your own.

Naturally Beautiful Gowns


Incorporate Mother Nature into your wedding dress. Choose a dress that has a pattern or accents. Embroidered grape vines are a beautiful choice for an outdoor wedding in a vineyard, while flowers are an obvious choice for a wedding in a park or garden. Sew the accents on yourself if you cannot find a dress that comes with them.

Colored Wedding Dresses


An outdoor wedding is often less formal than one inside, so look for a dress with bright colors. Even if you do not want the entire dress to be a solid color, you can find one with a colored sash, hem, or skirt to wear at your outdoor wedding.

Lace Dress


Lace is a traditional fabric for a wedding and looks lovely in a stunning dress outside. Choose a strapless or halter style for a modern take on the traditional. Alternatively, a bolero lace jacket is a great choice for an outdoor evening ceremony over a simple satin dress.

More Outdoor Wedding Gowns


A country wedding offers brides a chance to wear a more traditional dress. A sweetheart neckline has been popular for years, and off-the-shoulder styles offer brides a way to stay cool without baring too much skin.

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Outdoor Wedding Dresses