Motorcycle Wedding Favors

A toy motorcycle for a wedding favor

With the growing appeal of American Chopper and the steady following for Harley Davidson and other motorcycle companies, biker-themed weddings are increasingly popular, making motorcycle wedding favors a fun and creative choice as clever accents to an unusual celebration.

Who Wants a Biker Wedding?

At first, the gritty image of leather-clad, hard core bikers may clash with the idea of a wistful, romantic wedding filled with delicate flowers and flowing white lace. Many couples enjoy introducing motorcycle elements into their wedding, however, for a variety of reasons:

  • The couple may enjoy biking, either fanatically or casually
  • American Chopper may be a favorite television show
  • A motorcycle may have played a role in the couple's courtship or engagement

Whatever the reason, motorcycle favors can be used to inject a tiny bit of biker lifestyle into the celebration or they can be one small part of a larger biker theme for the entire event.

Types of Motorcycle Wedding Favors

There are many different types of biker wedding favors, from traditional wedding favors with a motorcycle theme to motorcycle-specific trinkets guests can enjoy. Classic favors that can use motorcycle details include:

  • Bike-shaped cookies or chocolate wedding favors such as suckers or candies
  • Floral wedding favors in orange and black (Harley Davidson colors) or other colors to coordinate with a specific bike
  • Bike-shaped cookie cutters or holiday ornaments
  • Personalized wedding favors such as chocolates, shot glasses, notepads, match books, or candles that use biker clipart and graphics
  • Specialized ribbons with motorcycle icons
  • Wedding favor tags with motorcycle clipart or related biker graphics

Couples interested in a stronger biker theme may want to choose more unique wedding favors with a motorcycle flair, such as:

Tire gauge to use as a wedding favor
  • Motorcycle wedding favor frames with a photo in each wheel
  • Temporary tattoos in wedding or biker themes
  • Key chains, especially black leather or chrome designs
  • Small motorcycle toys with coordinating ribbons or accents
  • Lighters with motorcycle details or the Harley Davidson logo
  • Bandanas in bold prints such as tire marks, stylized flames, or bike logos artfully folded at each place setting
  • Road maps with biker routes outlined, perhaps in a quirky heart shape
  • Sunglasses, wallet chains, or other biker apparel and accessories
  • Tire gauges or other bike equipment
  • Motorcycle, tire, or helmet charms that can be attached to larger favors or used independently

Whether a couple is interested in a small biker accent or a full-fledged motorcycle wedding favor, there are many options to choose from to add a road warrior flair any wedding celebration.

Finding Motorcycle Favors

Motorcycle-themed favors can be difficult to find, but couples can frequent specialized party stores and motorcycle gear shops for ideas. These online merchants also offer a range of different motorcycle favors:

Prices range from just a few cents for a simple ribbon to several dollars for more elaborate, large favors.

Additional Biker Theme Ideas

Just using motorcycle wedding favors may not inject enough biker attitude into the festivities for hard core biker couples. To add to the biker theme, couples can consider the following ideas.

  • Create a groom's cake in the shape of a bike, tire, or stylized flames
  • Chose wedding colors to match a favorite bike or use the familiar orange and black shades of Harley Davidson
  • Opt for chrome and black accents in the wedding reception decorations
  • Hire a classic bike or custom hog as getaway transportation instead of a limousine and adorn it with "just married" paraphernalia, including bride and groom helmets
  • Take wedding photographs posing with motorcycles or at a biker bar
  • Host the bachelor and bachelorette parties at a biker bar or motorcycle event
  • Hire a classic bike to offer rides at the wedding reception as part of the entertainment
  • Have the bride wear leather driving gloves instead of silk or satin gloves, or choose other motorcycle attire for the entire bridal party

From small, discreet details to a bold biker wedding theme and the associated motorcycle wedding favors, the biker lifestyle is one that many couples choose as the backdrop to celebrate their wild and crazy nuptials.

Motorcycle Wedding Favors