Poems for the Mother of the Bride

Amy Finley
mother poem

Mother of the bride verses can take many forms. Serious, sentimental, or humorous, a poem is a special way to honor someone and express your feelings. Poems on a mother of the bride theme can also encompass a variety of topics, such as motherhood, relationships, gratitude, advice, and love.

Poems From Mother to Daughter on Her Wedding Day

The mother of the bride often participates in sharing her love for her daughter and her well wishes to the new couple at some point, whether at the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, the ceremony itself, of in the form of toast at the reception. Poetry can help verbalize emotions and congratulatory statements for the newlyweds or daughter getting married. A mother might also want to put poetry in a card, letter, or a personalized item such as a picture frame, handkerchief, or other keepsake for her child.

My Beautiful Girl

(Name), My beautiful little girl
You used to be.
But today, (Name) - you walk down the aisle
and it's a beautiful woman I see.

To a Happy Life

Through all the years,
The ups and downs
Through your toddling and smiles
(Through adolescence and your frowns)
I loved you more than life.

Now today we celebrate
The coming years
To all your new joys
To infrequent tears,
May you live long and happy as man and wife!

Prayer for My Daughter

Dear Daughter,
I have prayed for your happiness since the day you were born,
and now I see your happy, shining eyes
alight with love so warm.

Though your image as a child always with me stays,
I pray for your marriage
Strength, wisdom, and love
All your days.

Wedding Poems From Daughter to Mother

Not all poems are about the daughter getting married. Instead, a daughter can give her mother a poem as an expression of thanks and love.

Gratitude Poem

Thank you for your sacrifice,
For your support and care.
I'll always be grateful
for the love we share.

I am so thankful for all you've taught
and shared with me through the years.
Through all the happiness
and all the tears.

Encouragement and Love Poem

Today I'm walking down the aisle,
But I'll always be just a phone call away.
I'm still you little girl who loves you
On my wedding day.

Thanks for teaching me
To be strong, and loving, and so many things
I'll strive to be a wife like you
When my groom and I exchange rings.

Words of Love

Other persons or family members may also use poetry to show support, encouragement, and love to the mother of the bride. For most mothers, the day of their daughter's wedding is wonderful, but also filled with mixed emotions. The mother might feel she may no longer have as close of a relationship with her daughter, worry about her future, or be faced with the realization she is truly an adult. For example, a close friend who has been through her own daughter's wedding may provide encouragement through poetry in the form of a card or letter. Another unique example is the bride's grandmother may recall the mother of the bride's wedding and share a sentimental memory through a marriage poem.

Poems for the Mother of the Bride