Mossy Oak Wedding Dresses

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Incorporate camo into your wedding fashions.

Hunting themed weddings are prime candidates for Mossy Oak brand wedding dresses. Mossy Oak is an innovative company that creates realistic-looking camouflage patterns available in fabrics perfect for creating a unique, hunting-themed bridal gown.

The Mossy Oak Brand

For over 20 years, Mossy Oak has been developing groundbreaking patterns for wearing in a number of different hunting situations. The company began by incorporating leaves and branches into their patterns so the wearer would blend into the natural background. Patterns were developed for wear during unique hunting situations, such as hiding out in the brush or while duck hunting. Today, the company continues to be a leader in the hunting apparel industry, developing shadow and 3D effects that continue to raise the bar for realistic design.

Styles of Mossy Oak Wedding Dresses

A Mossy Oak wedding gown is an ideal choice for a themed wedding dress in a hunting wedding. Dresses made with camouflage patterns make unique outdoor wedding gowns, as they bring the natural elements right into the bridal attire.

Just because you are having a hunting themed wedding does not mean you need to wear a dress that is entirely camouflage, though. Many dresses offer traditional designs that incorporate touches of the Mossy Oak patterns. Consider adding the pattern to your wedding gown in the following ways:

  • As a satin trim across the bodice and around the skirt bottom
  • In a ribbon tied around the waist
  • As the laces in a corset style gown
  • In a back insert or front insert of a gown
  • As a shawl or bolero jacket

The overall color of a wedding dress with Mossy Oak accents is often white, cream, off-white, ivory, or even champagne. Alternatively, brides might choose a dress that is brown, tan or even a shade of green for their wedding dress.Of course, the entire gown can be made in a Mossy Oak fabric. Due to the detailed pattern of the fabric, these dresses are often simple in design. Strapless a-line dresses, halter styles, and spaghetti straps are common styles for camouflage wedding dresses.

Purchasing Mossy Oak Camouflage Gowns

Specialty online bridal shops and salons often cater to brides who want to have a hunting themed wedding with a Mossy Oak dress. To make sure you are getting the authentic pattern, check the gown description for the brand name. Visit these online retailers to search for a gown:

Designing your own wedding dress is another option for brides who are fans of the Mossy Oak camouflage motif. Fabric stores, both online and in brick-and-mortar storefronts, offer fabric for purchase by the yard. Call around to see whether those in your area offer the brand name design. Remember to comparison shop for the best price per yard and find a good seamstress or tailor if you are not sewing the dress personally.

More Camouflage Gowns

Because the Mossy Oak is a branded pattern, it might be less expensive to search for a camouflage wedding dress that is generic. For a similar look, choose a fabric or dress that has branches and leaves in the design, rather than the simple abstract camo design. Keep in mind that true camouflage is rarely bright pink or other bold colors, something to keep in mind for an authentic looking wedding gown.

Mossy Oak Bridal Party Attire

You can also match the entire bridal party to Mossy Oak wedding dresses. Bridesmaid dresses are available at many of the same retailers and websites as the gowns themselves. Also, many of the gowns are simple enough they can double as a bridesmaid dress. If you choose to wear the full camo gown, dress the attendants in brown or green bridesmaid dresses; alternatively, should you wear a dress with just camo accents, have the bridesmaids wear full camouflage dresses.

The groom, groomsmen and ushers can wear silk ties, vests and even pocket squares featuring the Mossy Oak fabric. Have them bring their hunting vests and jackets for some fun photographic poses before the wedding ceremony.

A love of hunting and the outdoors is something many couples share. Incorporate this into your wedding dress by choosing one with the Mossy Oak brand design.

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Mossy Oak Wedding Dresses