Monica's Wedding Dress

Bride in a dress similar to Monica's from "Friends"

The wedding dress that Monica wore on the hit television series Friends (ended in 2004) is still popular with brides. Women search for a duplicate dress from Monica's wedding. Although the company that created Monica's dress is no longer in business, you can find other wedding gowns that are similar.

Geller-Bing Gown Possibilities

When Courtney Cox's character Monica Geller wed Chandler Bing, played by Matthew Perry, in the two-part finale of season seven, all eyes were on Monica as she donned her gown.

Monica's Friends Wedding Dress

The design of the dress Monica wore for the actual wedding to Chandler was by House of Bianchi and had the following style features:

  • Deep v-neckline
  • Wide, sleeveless straps
  • White color
  • Simple design
  • A-line skirt

To accessorize, Monica donned a slim bracelet, wore her hair styled down and a long wedding veil. She carried a simple wedding bouquet of red roses.

House of Bianchi, Inc.

The House of Bianchi was one of the premier designer wedding dress houses. Despite the apparent popularity of the gowns from House of Bianchi, it appears to have filed for bankruptcy and is no longer in business.

Monica's Original Dress in Season Seven

Earlier in the same season, Monica had attended a bargain sale full of cheap wedding dresses. Although she prevailed in a fight over a dress, she ultimately loses it to another woman at the end of the episode The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress.

Replicate Monica's Wedding Day Dress

Although the company is apparently defunct, it is still possible to find some House of Bianchi vintage wedding dresses or used wedding dresses at online auction sites like eBay and private sale listings like

Actually duplicating the look of the gown, however, may take a bit of searching. Luckily, two options are available to women seeking a replication of the dress. Hiring someone to make a custom gown is one option. Otherwise, search wedding dress picture galleries to find a gown that looks like the one desired and try it on at a bridal boutique that offers the particular designer.

Custom Designed Dress

Wedding dresses can be custom made to fit any bride's body and vision. Seek out a seamstress who can create a wedding dress pattern that matches Monica's gown. Bringing in photos of the television character in the dress and providing a detailed description can help.

Closeup of a red rose bridal bouquet

Otherwise, seek out a pattern from a fabric store that is similar to the style and make changes to the pattern that will make it look like the dress worn by Monica. The simple gown design means a simple pattern can likely be easily modified by an experienced wedding dress alteration seamstress.

Search Gown Styles

A number of online websites allow women to search gown styles by entering their preferences on an advanced search page. From color to neckline to skirt style, a woman can choose almost every aspect of the gowns she wants to see. Simply enter the search criteria that resemble photos of Monica's wedding dress in order to find ones that replicate the style.

Search wedding shops and salons in person for gowns that look similar to the one worn by Monica. Let the sales associate know the type of dress wanted so she can aide in the search. Trying on a similar dress can help a prospective bride-to-be decide if the cut and shape flatter her figure before she commits herself to purchasing a dress in that style or hiring someone to recreate it.

Celebrity Wedding Gowns

A celebrity wedding dress, even if it is worn by a television character from Friends, is one that women often covet. Finding a duplicate of the gown can be a reality for brides-to-be who want to emulate the beauty of Monica Geller on her wedding day.

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Monica's Wedding Dress